Teacher education

Teacher Education offers graduates the ability to complete certification as public school teachers (7-12) in several disciplines including English, social studies, science, mathematics, and modern languages (K-12).

The program is approved by the Maine State Board of Education, and students who receive Maine certification gain opportunities to teach elsewhere through reciprocity with approximately forty other states.  Some students may choose to enroll in the teacher education program even if they are interested in teaching in an independent school where certification is not required, because they gain significant experience in the classroom and thus are better prepared for the challenges they will face when they enter a classroom on their own for the first time.

The Teacher Education program educates students to meet the Maine Standards for Beginning Teachers listed below in abbreviated form:

  1. Demonstrates knowledge of subject matter and how to make it meaningful to students;
  2. Demonstrates ability to integrate knowledge among disciplines;
  3. Creates diverse learning opportunities appropriate to students at different stages of development;
  4. Plans instruction based upon knowledge of subject matter, students and curriculum goals;
  5. Employs a variety of instructional strategies and technologies;
  6. Creates and maintains a supportive classroom environment that encourages learning;
  7. Engages students, home, school, colleagues and community to support students’ learning;
  8. Uses a variety of formal and informal assessment strategies;
  9. Demonstrates awareness of and commitment to ethical and legal responsibilities of a teacher;
  10. Demonstrates a strong professional ethic and desire to contribute to the education profession.



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