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Theses for the Classes of 2008-2012


Name (2012) Thesis Title
Casey R. Anderson The Potential for Violent Conflict over Water Scarcity in Kenya
Benjamin Chebot Annual Timing of Growth Line Deposition and Comparative Growth Analysis of Modern and Archaic, Mya arenaria, from the Penobscot Bay Region, Maine
Corey James Creedon World Bank-NGO Entanglements in Ecuador’s Intag Region: Engagements that Favor a World Bank Hegemony or NGO Agency?
David Joel Cutler Not In My Backyard: The Controversy Surrounding the Proposed Maine Woods National Park
Georgia Rae Doucette The Atrophy of Contemporary Children: Nature Deficit Disorder and the Impacts of Insufficient Exposure to Nature During Childhood
Rebecca Dugan Neighborhood Stores as Food Access Points: Lewiston Consumer Preferences and Challenges
Brigid Dunn Reducing Residential Water Consumption in the Urban Southwest: An Analysis of Local Efforts in Four Southwestern Cities
Joshua Fancy Physical and Chemical Predictors of Emergence of Planted Atlantic Salmon, Salmo Salar, Embryos on the Upper Sandy River Watershed, Western Maine
Thomas Garrett Flynn III Panacea or Poison? Investigating Mutagenicity of Aqueous Extracts of Ibex paraguariensis A. St.-Hil. (Aquifoliaceae), yerba mate Tea, Using the Ames Test
Christina E. Gee Going Green: An Investigation of the Life Cycle and Environmental and Social Impacts of E-Books vs. Paper Books
Robert Bradley Gee Toward an Industrial Heritage Tourism Corridor in The Androscoggin River Valley
Gwynneth McBride Johnson The Identification of Immune Cells in Liver Lesions of Mice Developmentally Exposed to Low Doses of Arsenic
Lauren Levanovich Effects of Full Formulation Herbicide, Glyphosate, and Surfactant on Growth and Reproduction of Chytrid Fungus, Batrachochytrium Dendrobatidis (Bd)
Jennifer Ann Lindelof Bedrock and Groundwater Interaction: Tracing the Potential for Cation Contamination in Groundwater, Small Point, Maine
Robert Little Conserving Maine’s Forests Through Valuation and Small Land Trusts
Leigh Michael Factories, Homesteads and Temples in the Forest: Examining the Human Relationship to the Wilderness in the Pacific Northwest
Shauna Mulvihill Show Me the Money: Drivers of Container Recycling
Matthew Craig Pope Constructing Community: Exploring the Effect of Resource Development on Community Formation
Maggie Reilly Willingness to Pay for Fair Trade Coffee
Gohar Shahinyan Risk Perceptions of a Nuclear Power Plant in “An All-Encompassing Risk Society”
Nina Slote The Solution to Multiple Crises?: Determining the No Child Left Inside Act’s Compatibility with Social Justice
Courtney Larsen Talcott Can Political Opportunity Structure Explain Indigenous Mobilization: A Comparative Study of Cultural Capital in the Indigenous Populations of Brazil and Russia
Lindsay Thompson An Economic Valuation of Alewives on the Androscoggin River Watershed Using Internet and Mail Surveys
Karen Ullman Direct Producer-to-Consumer Marketing: A Feasibility Study for Increasing Local Food Access to Limited Income Communities in Lewiston-Auburn, Maine
Name (2011) Thesis Title
Adam H. Agins Climate Change, Technology Transfer, and Intellectual Property Rights:  Possible policy approaches
Haley Campbell Brewing Up Sustainability: Examining the Maine Brewing Industry in the Context of Sustainability
Teresa Cooper Investing Public-Private Partnership in Maine Land Conservation:  Taking Steps toward a More Comprehensive Understanding of PPPs
Meghan E. Fahey ENGOs Bridge the Epistemological Gap to Promote Pro-Environmental Behavior: ProNativas and Native Plant Gardens
August M. Felix Weather and Economics in Civil Conflict: Africa, Asia and the Middle East
Ben Latham So Far So Good: Price Volatility and Market Behavior in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
Molly A. Mylius At the Intersection of Environment and Development: A Discourse Analysis of the Oil Sands Debate
Judson S. Peck Behind the Storm: Root Causes of Food Insecurity in Nepal
Emily Clarke Russell The Arctic Grail: Tracing the Changing Perceptions of the Environment through Images of the Iconic Northwest Passage
Nicholas J. Silverson Interannual variation in the growth patterns of the circumolar green sea urchin (Stronglyocentrotus droebachinenisis) in a high-Arctic fjord on Svalbard as a proxy for climatic variability
Sara Sol Protecting Urban Biodiversity: The impacts on the abundance and distribution of the torogoz (Eumomota superciliosa apiaster) and talapo (Momotus momota lessonii) in the municipality of San Salvador in the city of San Salvador, El Salvador
Rebecca K. Waldo Lichens and Environmental Education: A framework for using lichens as sioindicators of air quality and educational tools for Middle School Students in Thorncrag Nature Sanctuary, Lewiston, Maine
Miles Walker The Adverse Effects of Renewable Sources on Wildlife in Maine: A study ofhow the increased development of wind, biomass, and hydro energy resources will impact wildlife in Maine
Name (2010) Thesis Title
Anna Frances Chase Green Advertising: Reaching a new demographic, a case study in promoting local food in downtown Lewiston
Maayan Cohen Smart or not? Exploring technological solutions to the climate change crisis: Vermont case study of smart grid technology and compatible plug-in electric vehicles
Theresa Michelle Dokus A study of empowerment through nutrition and garden education and through cultural exchange and cultural learning at Hilltop Community Gardens in Lewiston, ME
Danica Doroski Regional and environmental influences on understory vegetation in the New England forest
Alyeska Fiorillo Terrestrial vegetation change and its relationship to the historic and current abundance of Gloeotrichia echinulata in Lake Sunapee, New Hampshire
Emily Grady Generating a counter-hegemonic food movement: Exploring the role of participatory processes in a Lewiston, ME community food project
Alexander Hernandez Comprehensive stream survey and investigation of summer survival of stocked brook trout, Salvelinis fontinalis, Stetson Brook, Lewiston, Maine
Qiuhong Hunsicker Associated invasion mechanisms utilized by the invasive Norway Maple (Acer platanoides) to invade North American forests
Kyle Hutton Civil society under authoritarian regimes: Environmental NGOs in China
Elyce Victoria Judice Stable isotope analysis of Fundulus heteroclitus and the effectiveness of ditch plug restoration at the Sprague River Salt Marsh, Phippsburg, ME
Russell Taylor Millholland Whose woods are these? Evolving environmental governance in Thoreau’s “Wildest Country”
Hannah Roebuck Methylmercury production and accumulation in relation to water chemistry, landscape, and biotic characteristics of the Lake Sunapee Watershed, New Hampshire
Nicholas C. Sampson Valuing the Penobscot River Restoration Project: The design of a benefit transfer using recreation fishing values
Eleanor Torrey An exploration of the association between the growth of the Malian gold mining industry and HIV prevalence
Challen Willemsen The effect of non-native tree species on the distribution and diversity of epiphytic orchids in Guatemala City
Name (2009) Thesis Title
Gabriela Anhalzer Exploring conservaton scales and strategies: Sea turtles as flagships in Portete, Ecuador
Andrea Bisceglia Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay as a detection method for dioxin-like compounds in fish from Gulf Island Pond, Turner, ME
Daphne Braden Cover crops for sustainable soils in Maine
Abigail Virginia Childs Alternatives to conflict and cooperation: The investigation of transboundary agricultural water use issues in the eastern Nile basin
Leah Dembinski Nature and Supernature’s Deterritorialization of the Western and Senderista Discourses within Rosa Cuchillo
Ben Glennon Do beach advisories and proximity to beaches affect local property values? A hedonic property analysis in southern Maine
George Gregory A review of eutrophicatrion: Causes, effects, and remediation strategies, with implications for a long-term study in Maine
Amelia Perri Hagen-Dillon Relative abundance and spatial and temporal variability of Gloeotrichea echinulata and water chemistry in several lakes in south-central Maine in late summer
Molly Ladd Water stress responses in Pinus edulis and Juniperus monosperma, co-dominant tree species in the Los Pinos Mountain Woodlands, New Mexico: An experimental methods approach using in situ stem psychrometers
Megan Loeb Detecting the presence of political ideology in natural disaster language: A content and discourse analysis of statements by President Bush on major natural disasters that occurred in foreign nations
John Edward MacKenzie Terrestrial vegetation change and its relationship to the abundance of Gloeotrichia echinulata in Pleasant Lake, Casco, Maine
Alison J. Munroe Seed dispersal mechanisms on invasive yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitalis: Asteraceae) in central California’s Sierra Nevada Blue Oak Foothills and Grasslands of the Central Valley: Implications for prevention and policy
Janneke Petersen Corner Stores as a venue for local food: Bringing local produce into urban deserts
Michael Everett Pickoff Multi-proxy organic geochemical analysis of the late-Holocene sediment record from Meetinghouse Pond, Phippsburg, ME
Brian P. Quarrier Changes in land-use and nearshore sediment characteristics, Pleasant Lake, Casco, Maine
Nicole Claire Wahle Ritchie Chemistry at the sediment-water interface in Middle Range Pond and Pleasant Lake, south-central Maine, late summer 2008
Elise Walsh Pollutant uptake and transformation by macrophytes in constructed wetlands treating household graywater
Name (2008)
Thesis Title
Chisholm, Amanda The effects of plant density on oviposition behavior and larval performance:  Interactions of the false potato beetle and its host, the noxious weed Carolina horsenettle
Iselin, Jacob A River Ran Through It: Implicit Prices in the Lewiston-Auburn Housing Market
Jones, Melissa Mary The short term effects of baitworm (Glycera dibranchiate) digging on sediment oxygen demand and nitrogen cycling on two intertidal flats in Maine
Lobozzo, Nicholas Peter Analysis of estrogens as endocrine disrupting chemicals released from horse stables in Acadia National Park into Stanley Brook watershed:  Possible effect on sea-run  brook trout, methodology for screening and management implications
Miller, David McKenna Common Property and Contentious Values: A Political Ecology of the Management of Sea Turtle Eggs in Isla Canas, Panama
Nelson, Aubrey B. Patterns in the Pages: A Study of the Representation of Africa Presented in Lewiston/Auburn High School Textbooks and How They Compare to Broader Trends in the Portrayal of Africa within the United States
Offenbacher, Matthew Adapting Conservation Plans to the Potential Effects of Climate Change: a case study with Three-Birds Orchid (Triphora trianthophora)
Peters, Sarah The EPA, the FDA, and the American consumer:  An examination of drinking water regulations and consumptive decisions’
Reuter, John Changes in streamwater chemistry from snowmelt through summer, Mount Desert Island, Maine

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