Grass-fed beef

Gabe Clark ’02 and Amanda Waterhouse Clark ’02 Top Maine restaurants are among customers for grass-fed beef from Cold Spring Ranch

At Cold Spring Ranch, the Clarks produce grass-fed beef with a minimum of stress on the animals and maximum attention to their innate nutritional and environmental needs.

For discerning Maine customers — including Bates and such nationally known restaurants as Portland’s Fore Street — the Clarks’ beef defines “good food”: healthier than industrial beef, locally sourced, sustainably produced, and delicious. The Clarks buy local yearlings and graze them for up to 12 months on 100 acres of meticulously tended pastureland.

These are methods not just sustainable but restorative, bringing critters like geese and turkeys back to the farm, Gabe notes. “As the fields are more productive for the livestock, they’ve been more productive for the wildlife” as well.