The North Woods, s37, Bates College

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Organismal Biology, BIO 190, Bates College

Plant Physiology, BIO 380, Bates College

Trees and Forests in New England, BIOS E-120, Harvard Extension School


Molecular and Cellular Biology, BIOS E-1a, Harvard Extension School

Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, BIOS E-1b, Harvard Extension School

Trees, Forests, and Global Change, SLS 25, Harvard College

Plants and Human Affairs, OEB 59, Harvard College

Topics in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, OEB 399, Harvard College

Biology of Plants, OEB 52, Harvard College

Biology of Trees and Forests, Science B-40, Harvard College

Feeding the World; Feeding Yourself, Science B-64, Harvard College

Foundations of Biological Diversity, OEB 10, Harvard College

Dendrology, FOR 21, University of Vermont