90 Co-Class Secretaries: Margaret R. Judge, 21 Lessard Ave., Biddeford, ME 04005-2907; Marjorie Patterson Cochran, 36 Green St, 2, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, e- mailmarnie_patterson@hmgate.hmco.comClass President: Karen LaConte Roberts, 1014 Humphrey St., Swampscott, MA 01907Next Reunion in 2001. Tina Brickley reports: “Lots has happened since May 1997, when I left Digital Output magazine and started SAP consulting (editing technical training materials). The project I’m currently on is with Lucent Technologies in Basking Ridge, N.J., so I now commute between home in Atlanta and the office in New Jersey! It’s given me the opportunity to go to a recent Bates event for those new to New York City and catch up with a few folks there, not to mention a lot of frequent flier miles! Kaj Engberg ’91 and I traveled to London for Thanksgiving for extensive pub- hopping. We’re also busy gearing up for another season of Alumni-in-Admissions interviews for Georgia.”
91 Class Secretary: Pamela M. Batchelder, 350 W 85th St., Apt.64, New York, NY 10024Class President: A. Tracy Talbot Spencer, 1900 S St., NW 104, Washington, DC 20009Next Reunion in 2001.
92 Co-Class Secretaries: Claudia E. Goldstein, 504 W 110th St., Apt. 8A, New York, NY 10025 e-mail; Jesseca P. Timmons, 1710 S. Madison St, Denver, CO 80210Class President: Jennifer M. Otis, 3426 Dover Rd., Durham, NC 27707- 4520Next Reunion in 2002. Larissa K. Vigue works at Champlain College in Burlington, Vt. On the side, she is building a free-lance writing and consulting business with a variety of projects around the state. Larissa continues to attend Middlebury College’s Bread Loaf School of English during the summer, working toward a master’s degree in English Literature.
93 Class Secretary: Jodi Sturgis Coppeta, 8 Willard Ave., 3rd Floor, Medford, MA 02155Class President: Alexandra C. Messore, 1027 Euclid Ave., 3, Miami, FL 33139Next Reunion in 1999. Nikki Rozsman writes: “I am living in Los Angeles, where I am a lawyer at Sonnenschein Nath and Rosenthal, practicing health-care law. I will be getting married this May, and Jenn Hayes will be my maid of honor. Jenn is living in Rhode Island, where she recently completed a one year clerkship with the Rhode Island Superior Court and is working at a Providence law firm.”
94 Class Secretary: Mark G. Doctoroff, 360 W 34th St., Apt. 9H, New York, NY 10001Class President: Sheela Agarwal Merrow, 378 Sunderland Rd., Apt. 5A, Worcester, MA 01604Next Reunion in 1999. Erica Devine Podgorni teaches in the Memorial Drive Elementary School in Farmington, N.H. She earned her M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education from Boston College in 1995…. Due to false information provided to the College and class secretary, the magazine erroneously reported the marriage of Gwen Williams and Philip Ryan ’93 in the winter issue.
95 Class Secretary: Marjorie Northrop Friedman, 334 Turnpike Rd., Norwich, VT 05055Class President: Rebecca J. Wolfe, 41 Dane St., Apt 1, Somerville, MA 02143Next Reunion in 1999.
96 Class Secretary: Faham M. Rashid, 99 Brattle St., Lawrence 308, Cambridge, MA 02138Class President: Natasha G. Heath, PO Box 775827, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477-5827Next Reunion in 2002.
97 Class Secretary: Sharleen Joy Davis, 46 Hill Cir., Burlington, MA 01803Class President: Larry Ackerman, 23 Scudder St., 2d floor, Garfield, NJ 07026- 2528Next Reunion in 2002. Christopher Gousse, son of Kathy Arsenault in the Admissions Office, and Brian Houston, son of Joan Houston in the Facility Services, are the inaugural recipients of Bates College Class of 1997 Scholarships. For more information on Christopher and Brian, see the story in On and Off Campus section of this issue…. Stuart Abelsonreports: “I am working at Amphenol’s corporate headquarters in Wallingford, Conn. I work many hours, but love it. Doing a lot of travel with work and learning incredible amounts about technology, electronics, and wireless communications. I had the best water ski season of my life, finishing third in Open Men’s Tricks. Leased a ski house with Colby Connell, Read Burns ’95, and seven other recent college grads for eight months up at Killington, Vt. Still flying the airplane and loving life. Trying to fund raise for the Annual Alumni Fund, so please make your contributions.”… Ilse Abusamra writes: “I’m working as an admissions counselor at Vassar College. I traveled all fall and read applications all winter. I’ve been running, trying to find some good trails � it’s definitely hard for me not to be on a sports team, so I’ve been watching a few Bates cross country meets!”… Larry Ackerman writes: “After accepting a job with Keane Inc., a computer consulting firm, with the intent of working in Boston, I was immediately reassigned to the New Jersey branch for one year. I have gained admission for spring in Rutgers’s part-time M.B.A. program. Enjoying weekends as I live in midtown Manhattan with my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and new niece and hang with Stephan Belinfanti and company…. Heather Alcock is teaching high school English and coaching track at Nashoba Regional High School and living in Boston withChristy Ballantyne, who is working as a legislative aide at the State House, and Kristen Kilbourne…. Joy Ardizzonewrites: “After a short cross-country trek with Patti Danielsand a period of unemployment, I landed a job managing a local/government access cable station in southern New Hampshire.”… Andrea Bell is in law school at George Mason Univ…. Deborah Bernat was recently hired as a Web designer for McDougall Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations in Peabody, Mass. She’s living in Salem…. Dawn Bilodeau is going for her master’s in educational administration at Arizona State Univ. She has a graduate research assistantship with the Bureau of Educational Research and Services/Arizona Educational Information Systems…. Carolyn Bondurant reports: “I’m living in Northampton, Mass., with Jenny Chowning and Yona Segal. I am enrolled in the M.S.W. program at the Smith College School for Social Work and interning as a clinical school social worker in an elementary school in Springfield.”…Susannah Bothe is working at a San Francisco advertising agency, Hampel Stefanides, and living with Jen Gollan….Jeremy Breningstall writes from Boulder, Colo.: “Since my CIA career was cut short by the development of Tourette Syndrome in my thumb, I’ve become an avid fisherman. I have not lived with, nor married any other Batesies, but I did see a Bobcat postcard at the bookstore, so I’m certain our presence is felt everywhere – though some withered old lady snatched the postcard before I could get it. I pleaded with her, but she said that the muskrat one would do just as well and that in any case a penny whistler such as myself shouldn’t be picky. Irrelevance is in season. I’d write more, but I have clammy hands and you know the rest.”… Kara Buckstaff writes: “I just spent five months at Mote Marine Lab in Sarasota, Fla., where I was involved in two different internships. I spent two months helping the stranding network retrieve and/or rehabilitate dolphins. The second internship involved data collection in Sarasota Bay on dolphin behavior relative to boat activity. I will be starting another internship at Texas A&M doing similar work on dolphin behavior. In the interim I will be traveling to New Zealand for three weeks. In my spare time I am applying to graduate schools to pursue a degree in marine biology.”… Deborah Cantor writes: “I’m working as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble Bookstore in Manhattan. I am playing the bassoon in the 92nd Street Y Orchestra and the New York City Doctor’s Orchestra. I’m also attempting to write a book about my grandmother and my memories of our relationship.”… Lara Cartwright-Smith reports: “I’m working hard in law school at Georgetown. D.C. is a far cry from Lewiston, and I’m enjoying being near theater, museums, etc. I wasted precious study time as a chorus member of the law center’s musical, Kiss Me Kate, but it was a lot of fun. Exams and headaches loom on the horizon. I finally got together with my freshman roommate from Bates, Cara Donahue, who transferred out after our first year. She’s doing well and I was glad to see her again.”… Emily Cause reports: “I am teaching the fifth grade and working on getting my master’s in education. I am also working nights and weekends as a personal care assistant for a 16- year-old girl who has cerebral palsy.”… Adam Chadbourne enjoyed his first season as head coach of the junior ski racing program at Saddleback Mountain…. Sonya Champion is working on Newbury Street in Boston at Kortenhaus Communication, a pr/marketing/advertising firm…. Heather Chichester is teaching biology and ecology at the Kent School in Connecticut. “I love the area. The people are great, and I am having a wonderful time. I’m also coaching field hockey and softball.”… Jenny Chowning is manager at a ceramics store in Northampton and is in training for the U.S. Olympic Archery Team…. Sue Cole reports: “I am living at home while attending graduate school at Northeastern University, seeking a master’s in counseling psychology. In addition to graduate school, I work two jobs, as a teacher of GED and ESL courses and as a counselor for adolescents who live in group home settings. Basically, there are no way near enough hours in the day!”… Max Clauson is in Boulder, the “training Mecca of the world,” according to teammate Jordan Kobert ’96, where he is racing bikes for the team of GS Ciao and working for Frontier VTC, a video-teleconferencing company…. Kip Coonley is attending Dartmouth, pursuing a graduate degree in electrical engineering…. Patrick Cosquer writes: “After the summer in Boulder, I have returned to New Jersey and am employed as a kindergarten teacher. In the spring, I will begin touring Europe with the artist formerly known as Prince as a production assistant with Paisley Park Records.”… Rhonda Crosson lives in Norwich, Conn., and is working for Pfizer as a synthetic organic chemist. Her view on life is summed up by a quote from Kate Coyne: “No marriage, no mortgage. Post-college, pre-obligation.”… Lisa Cummings is a teaching fellow in mathematics at Phillips Andover Academy. “I teach two math courses (Algebra II and Precalculus), live in a dorm with 32 girls, and am coaching winter track, after a successful fall field hockey season. I love teaching � the students here are wonderfully bright and motivated! The only drawback is that my job is a one-year position, so I’m already trying to decide what to do next year.”… Sharleen Davis spent last summer in Washington, D.C., living with Michelle Wilkerand Allyson Boyle and interning in the press office at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. “I am now back at home in the Boston
area and loving life, working as a paralegal in an immigration law firm in Boston and running into lots of Batesies in the streets and clubs of Boston. Otherwise, I keep busy volunteering at a battered women’s shelter and plan to teach English to immigrants and refugees. Law school looms somewhere on the horizon.”… Gretchen DeHart is a graduate student at Washington State Univ and says that “being a grad student is a whole new world, but it’s amazing how much having a Bates education has put me ahead of the game.”… Amy Delewski is living in Fairbanks, Alaska, and is a graduate student studying anthropology at the Univ. of Alaska…. Maggie Doben writes: “I’m enrolled and participating in a graduate school program to earn a master’s in elementary education. I am teaching second grade at the Brookwood School in Manchester, Mass., as a component of the program and taking classes at Lesley College.”… Julie Draper is living with Jason Perkins in Missoula, Mont. “Although work consumes the majority of our days, recreation is abundant around here with surrounding mountain ranges screaming to be explored, as well as skiing and recreation downtown. We are leading simple lives, but for the meantime I think we are happy where we are,” writes Julie…. Kinmochi Eguchi is a bookseller at Barnes & Noble in Burlington, Mass., in charge of computer, science, and technology sections. “It’s a big change. Sorry, no Starbucks in my store. I’m a resident in Arlington Heights, right on Mass Ave. I am doing research on my own, piano practices, reading, writing, etc. I just got a keyboard, so I will be able to continue composing pieces. Speaking of composition, I contributed a copy of my thesis concert (remember?) to Ladd Library. I may be forced to leave the States if I don’t get a visa after May 1998.”… Jennifer Felton works at the Winchendon School, a small, private, coed school for high school students with learning disabilities, ADD, or who otherwise have yet to work up to their potential. “I teach ESL and pre- algebra to mostly ninth graders. I just finished my stint as the assistant volleyball coach and am now the assistant girls basketball coach. I serve as a dorm parent for 14 girls, supervising study hall and lights-out, three nights a week. I also have several advisees, and monthly take groups of students on trips to the movies, Boston, etc. The other, mostly young faculty and I look forward to spare moments off and realize just how much we’ve aged in such a short time. It’s been a great experience, with basically good kids and great coworkers who excel at finding humor in any situation.”… Erin Flynn is a lab technician in a zebrafish facility at the Center for Cancer Research at MIT. “It’s exciting to be part of a lab team that is making astounding advances in genetics developmental biology. Working in the Boston area is a lot of fun, but the 90-minute commute is horrible. If I ever attain ‘financial stability’ I hope to move closer to the city.”… Lucy Fowler is a law student at Yale. “I see Sharkey frequently; he and I are the only two Batesies here. I have met lots of interesting and very nice people here, but I still miss Bates. Believe me, I never truly appreciated Commons until I became familiar with Yale Dining Services!”… Rebecca Garnick drove cross country to Los Angeles with Rodd Gerstenhaber ’98 after graduation. “We took three weeks to reach our destination, stopping in Memphis, New Orleans, Santa Fe, and Las Vegas, and seeing the sites. We headed back East at the end of August, and once at home on Cape Cod, I was hired as an advertising account coordinator at Harpell/Martins, a full-scale communications firm. Also employed at Harpell/Martins is Kyle Flaherty…. Jill Glazewski is living in New Orleans, loving the warm weather, and working towards her master’s in public health at Tulane. “I am in the Peace Corps Internationalists Program, which is a joint program with Tulane. Upon the completion of my courses here I will leave for, hopefully, either Africa or the South Pacific in July for two years. I will be working as a health educator in the country of my assignment.”… Rebecca Grossberg started working as a travel assistant for a small tour business, French Foto Tours, in France, last summer and decided to stay in France after the initial four months. Now she is an au pair in a village near Aix and works part time at a bed and breakfast in the village. She plans to be in France until the end of the ’98 school year. She says that she’s just “enjoying life before I have to act like a real adult” and allowing herself time to decide what she wants to do with her Bates education…. Dina Hanna works at a public relations firm in NYC…. Mary Herndon lives in Damariscotta, working in a pottery shop, painting the pots. The pots are majolica, which is a white base painted with color glazes. She is also working on building and painting sets for local theater groups…. Britt Herstad is pursuing his master’s in women’s studies at George Washington Univ…. Dan Herzlinger spent the summer of ’97 in Idaho, tracking radio-collared frogs through the mountains. “I was working for a graduate student who was working for his Ph.D. from Idaho State University. The job was definitely an adventure. Just finished a fall seasonal job as an outdoor education instructor in Sharon, Massachusetts. Moving to Boston this spring.”… Aaron Hewitt is skiing and riding in the central Maine mountains, doing internal marketing for Les Otten at Sunday River, and planning to move to London or Boston for a potential finance or marketing opportunity….Amanda Hinnant is at the UMissouri/Columbia, pursuing a master’s journalism…. Richard Holley has been in Prague, Czech Republic, working until June…. Ted Horan took a two-month backpacking trip last fall to Australia, New Zealand, and the Fiji Islands with Adam Peck. … Wylie Hosmer working at a hospital doing medical research in San Francisco…. Brad Hubeny spent 4 1/2 months last fall working as a sailing school instructor/deckhand on the tall ship Rose out of Bridgeport, Conn. “We took adult ‘trainees’ on for a week at a time and taught them what it takes to sail a full-rigged ship. I plan to receive my first U.S. Merchant Mariner endorsement (Able Bodied Seaman with Sailing Endorsement), after which I planned to spend another 4 1/2 months on the tall ship Californian, a schooner that’s a sailing school vessel for children in grades four through eight Grad school in marine geology is in the plans for the future.”…Brad Huot is attending medical school at the Univ. of Vermont. “Brian Irwin and I are in the same class and have been lucky enough to be rooming together. It’s been pretty interesting to discover how many former Batesies have ended up at UVM in our class.”… Amy Hutchins moved to Washington, D.C., last fall and is working at a public relations firm in Dupont Circle called Fenton Communications. “It’s a ‘socially responsible’ agency that handles nonprofit groups, environmental NGOs, and health issues. I love both D.C. and my job so far.”… William Innis writes: “I drove across the country with my new-found love, pretending the windshield was a video screen on which was played a surreal game. When the game was over and radio played, it was as if we had a 3-D music video. As those who embark on world voyages do, I stopped in Berkeley and should be here until spring ’98. With my B.S. I have scored a job on a maintenance crew at a marina, learning that the United States is a classed society. Planning to return to school after a couple of years off in other countries.”… Kara Jackson is in Vanuatu, South Pacific, with the Peace Corps for 26 months. She will be teaching secondary level math in a British school on one of the islands…. Sarah Kane returned to Washington after spending the fall as an intern in the political/economic section of the American Embassy in Dublin, Ireland. “I absolutely loved it! Prior to that, I spent the summer working on a guest ranch in Montana.”… Sireen Khalifeh is in the Queen’s Office in Jordan, working with her advisor. She enjoys her position. She also misses the States, friends, Bates’s social life and the weather! Sireen received a visit from Zainab Khaleeli who is teaching English in Japan…. Erik Koppang is at Dartmouth Medical School. “I’ve bumped into more than a few Batesies, especially past physics majors wandering around the grad schools here in Hanover.”… Abby Kranz is working in Atlanta at an industrial psychology firm… Bruce Lambert is a first-year grad student at Caltech…. Lydia Langford works at Reebok as an assistant director of public relations. “I am responsible for alerting the media on the goings-on at the company; I call magazine editors and work with NBA and WNBA stars to coordinate press conferences and magazine coverage. It’s a great blend of marketing, advertising, and front-line promoting of a product in a familiar market. It’s nice learning business skills in the context of art and sports � two loves of mine.”… Ingrid Larson spent five months working as a litigation paralegal in Portland. She is applying to law schools for the fall and planning a trip cross country with other Batesies for the summer. “I’ve found that Portland has a very happening night life � anything from $3 second-run and foreign films to disco and ’80s nightclubs. I’ve also adopted an adorable kitten.”… Kate Leonard is in a premedical graduate program at Bryn Mawr. “Just being at a different school has reminded me of how great Bates was. I miss it!”… John Curtin Loether is “working, consulting on, and fixing MacIntosh computers free-lance. Looking for a job with a computer company doing technical support or MIS (management of information systems).”… Dana Maki is looking to get back to school for a M.S.W. one to two years from now. “In the meantime I’m going to enjoy living in Montana, near Yellowstone and close enough to Glacier, where there is plenty of good skiing (both cross country and downhill).”… Justin Maseychik is in Korea, near Seoul, teaching English to grade-school children…. Colleen Matlenis seeking her teaching certification in life science at the UMaine/Farmington. “I live in Bethel with my boyfriend,James Ippolito ’96. We both work at Sunday River: Jamie is the project facilitator for hotel development for the American Skiing Company, while I work at the Summit Hotel, and also will be waitressing at a new restaurant. We bought a chocolate Labrador puppy. Her name is Denali.”… Lynn Maziarzworks in Washington, D.C., with an international women’s human rights organization called Women, Law and Development International. “I’ve met women who are doing amazing things all over the world, women who, up until a month ago, were only real to me through books assigned by professors and whose work seemed literally a world away. I consider myself lucky to be in an office that has, at its core, many of the same values I embrace and that were cultivated through my Bates education. Where it will lead me, who knows � probably to an M.B.A. or something random like that, but for now, long live the glorious revolution!”… Kelly McDonald spent last summer at Wediko Children’s Services working with children with behavioral problems along with Steph Hallward ’96,Greg Stoddard, and George Zahka. After that, I jumped into my great new job at the George School, a Quaker prep school just north of Philadelphia, where I’m teaching math, coaching cross country, and living in the freshman boy’s dorm.”…Kirsten McKeown landed a job at home in Vermont last summer as the assistant editor for a small cooking magazine. “However, the magazine went bankrupt, so I’m beginning my second career: I’m working at a ski resort so I can ski free all winter. Just to keep life interesting, I am also working at a cozy bookstore in Burlington. Periodically, I am a substitute French teacher at a local middle school, where I am subjected to the occasional bilingual wrath of eighth graders.”… Katie McQuilkin “sees Batesies everywhere. Washington Square, Brighton, Brookline (where I live) is a hot spot for recent Bates grads. I am rooming with Sanna Makela and working as a research assistant at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.”…Robert Mirabile got married during Short Term last May. “We honeymooned in New Hampshire and Vermont, then I graduated. Since then, I have been working as a research assistant at the Hebrew Rehab. Center in Boston and living in Malden.”… Erica Monopoli is a law student at Franklin Pierce Law Center…. Justin Murphy is an economic analyst at the National Economic Research Associates, still planning to get a M.B.A. after two to three years of real-life experience…. Jerri Nims reports: “Life is good here in Colorado.”… Eric Oberg has settled into an apartment in the Seacoast area in New Hampshire. “I work midweek as a computer programmer and during the weekends I helpedAdam Chadbourne at Saddleback.”… Nicole Ouellette is working at the American Cancer Society “in my home town of Wilmington, which means that I will probably be living with my parents for the next year or so. I plan to go back to school some day, probably for social work.”… Jeremy Pelofsky is working in Washington, D.C., for Bloomberg News as a reporter covering the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. “I’ve gotten to do a fair amount of traveling and have had several articles published.”… Angela Pizzo is in Boston, where since the end of July she’s been working at Mass General as a clinical research coordinator in the Arthritis Unit in charge of several clinical trials. “I love working with the patients, which will hopefully help to give my future a little direction.”… Bethany Pond is keeping busy with grad school at the Univ. of Pennsylvania…. Steve Potamis is an assistant trader at Bayerische Landes in New York City…. Liza Potteris living in Southern California with fianc� Chris Dembiec “and our dog. I’m working as a research assistant for Entrepreneur Magazine and I like it a lot. Chris and I got engaged in November. We haven’t yet set a date, but it will be the summer of 1999 in California.”… Mary Richter is in NYC with friends from high school. I’m working in the fund-raising office of the London-based Royal Academy Trust’s New York office.”… Betsy Rivinus is in admissions and coaching crew at the Derryfield School in Manchester, N.H…. Peter Rossi is “continuing the whole college experience as a graduate student at Dartmouth, pursuing a bachelor’s and master’ of engineering degrees. Still play soccer when I can.”… Alexander Robinson is living in Portland. “I am engaged to an invisible walrus.”… Heather Russo “once again spent my summer out on Block Island. Last September, I was hired as a teacher at the Block Island School. The school has approximately 130 students, K-12; definitely a different educational experience. I was not planning on being a teacher at any point in my life, but I’ve learned a great deal and seem to be enjoying it as well. I may stick with it if I plan to reside here permanently, which
is very likely.”… Meghan Sawyer works with autistic adolescents at the renowned May Center for Child Development on Cape Cod. The May Center is part of the May Institute, which has just been chosen to be featured in a forthcoming book, In Search of America’s Best Nonprofits, coauthored by Dr. Richard Steckel and Jennifer Lehman. “Last summer, Sean Donohue, Alex Weld, Professor Cheryl McCormick and I traveled to Budapest to present summer and thesis research at the First Annual International Congress of Stress. Alex, Cheryl and I then continued on to Prague.”…Yona Segal is living in Northampton, Mass., and teaching in a Montessori elementary school and teaching Hebrew School. “I probably will go to grad school for education in the fall of ’98.”… Ezra Schildkraut got married in August and then moved to New Mexico. “I’m working on my Ph.D. in biomedical sciences at the Univ. of New Mexico School of Medicine. Bates was a cakewalk compared to grad school. Nice to be out of Maine though.”… Courtney Scott is living in Brighton with Georgia Churilla. “Love my job working as a media researcher at International at Media Map in Cambridge. Job involves doing extensive phone business with Europe and Asia. Saving up for my next trip to la France!”…Adam Smith is living in Virginia, outside Washington, D.C. “The area is great and D.C. is a lot of fun. I have a six-to-twelve-month temp job with Mobil in the Marine Lubricants Department on their auditing project. I hope that when the job is finished I will find permanent employment within the company, preferably in international sales.”… Beka Smith reports that she and Laurie Gallagher are “making salads in Portland, Ore.”… Sarah Staniford spent last summer working in Augusta with the Northern Forest Alliance (a coalition of environmental and recreational organizations working to protect the natural and human resources in the northern forest), I spent September raking blueberries beneath scenic Mount Abram in Salem, Maine. I’m living in scenic Lewiston and working as the field organization director for the Maine People’s Alliance in Portland. Living with Tracy Gregoire’98, cats Kali (Queen of Darkness and Death), and Angel, and riding my horse who lives in Durham.”… Becky Steer made it back to Alaska after one month on the road. “Working for the Anchorage Aces professional hockey team doing marketing/PR. Hoping to get a job in pharmaceutical sales. I don’t miss school at all � miss Bates friends a lot. Message to Batesies: Get out of the East and come to Alaska. You won’t regret it.”… Tanya Stepasiuk has been working part time as an AmeriCorps member. “I’m developing and implementing after- school programs on conflict resolution for the Patriots Trail Girl Scouts. During the rest of my time, I’ve been working part time for Tufts Health Plan.”… Suzanne Tepperhas been applying to graduate school for pathology. “I want to do this, especially after spending four months at the National Cancer Institute in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in the departments of pathology and experimental therapy. It was an incredible experience. My research was on multi-drug resistance in breast and ovarian carcinomas.”… Jim Theodoreis working in television full time and on the weekends for the Lyons Brothers…. Amanda Tickler has been in San Francisco and has finished some graduate work in graphic design. “I refuse to be a starving artist, but I’d like a career in the visual arts. They say ‘this is the place,’ so I’m here exploring. The weather is fabulous, but I’ll always have an East Coast heart.”… Brian Turner has been working at an environmental consulting company in White Plains, N.Y. “I hope to apply to graduate school in civil engineering or hydrology.”… Jeremy Villano writes: “By day I am a mild-mannered litigation paralegal for the law firm of Cravath, Swaine and Moore in NYC. By night, I am a caped superhero known as the Super Mighty Jeremy. I spend my weekends solving the world’s energy problems, and trying to find a *%#@! apartment in Manhattan.”… Lisa Weinshenker is pursuing a master’s in oboe performance at the Univ. of New Mexico…. Alexandra Weld is enjoying life in Boston, doing research at Harvard and living with Breck Smith…. Peter Whelan is working on his master’s in electrical engineering at Cornell…. Leah Wiedmann has been working for First Night Boston, and was having a “great time helping plan the largest 24-hour celebration in North America. It is nice living in Boston and having all of our friends in the same neighborhood.”… Eliza Woodbury is a development assistant at Berkshire School. “I enjoy my job very much, but I could do without the dorm responsibilities that come with working at a boarding school. Because my job is an internship, I’ll be finished here in July, and will hopefully be moving to the Boston area.”
98 Class Secretary: Tyler Munoz, 1596 Skye Pkwy., West Linn, OR 97068Class President: Robert Curtis, 16 Birchwood Way, Laconia, NH 03246Next Reunion in 2002.