Student composers to perform

A group of student composers and their professor will make an informal presentation of their work at 7 p.m. Oct. 27 in the Olin Arts Center Concert Hall.

The public is invited to attend free of charge.

The students, enrolled in a beginning music composition class taught by William Matthews, professor of music, will perform an hourlong program including the following selections: “It’s a Song” for vocal trio and guitar by junior Nenden Stillman; “Three Lazy Boys” for three pianos and three pianists by Taro Hagiwara; “Hard Time” for vocalist and guitar by sophomore Alexander Budney; an untitled song for vocalist and guitar by sophomore Scott McAuliffe; “Variations on ‘Autumn Leaves’ ” for solo piano by junior Ethan Rowe; “The Feast” for rock band by junior Chris Anton; “Mt. Veena” for instrumental trio by junior Nils van Otterloo; “Longing” for solo piano by junior Neva Corbo Hudak; an unnamed piece by junior Carin Edwards-Orr; and “Aria from the Toilet Opera,” a work in progress for vocalist, pianist and assorted sounds by Matthews, whose work ranges from traditional forms to the avant-garde.

For additional information, call the Olin Arts Center at 207-786-6315.

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