Student awarded $32,000 Beinecke Scholarship

Andrea J. Brewer, a Bates College junior from Traverse City, Mich., has been awarded a $32,000 scholarship from the Beinecke Scholarship program. Brewer’s scholarship award includes $2,000 upon completion of her studies at Bates and an additional stipend of $30,000 while attending graduate school.

Brewer, a dean’s list double major in philosophy and English, plans to earn a doctoral degree in philosophy and teach the subject at the college level. At Bates, she has been a member of the Representative Assembly, the college’s student government, and a contributor to The Garnet, the campus literary magazine.

Under the advising of Professor of Philosophy Mark Okrent, she will investigate the concept of identity for her senior thesis during the 2002-03 academic year. “Andrea is an excellent student and very talented, with very clear goals,” Okrent said. “And she’s absolutely fascinated with philosophy.”

More than 100 colleges and universities nationwide are invited to nominate a student for a Beinecke Scholarship, and a maximum of 20 are awarded. The program seeks to encourage and enable highly motivated students to pursue opportunities available to them and to be courageous in the selection of a course of study.

Brewer is the third Bates student in the last four years to win a Beinecke Scholarship. “It’s highly competitive, but we have some very good students,” says Professor of Anthropology Steven Kemper, campus liaison for the Beinecke awards program.

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