Trying new things…

From Paul: Hey all. Just checking in after a busy week. School has been going really well the last couple of weeks but as always… it has been busy busy busy. This week I have papers due in my Latin American History class (on export economies and U.S. foreign policy in the region) and in my Wartime Dissent in Modern America class (on wartime objectors during the Vietnam and Korean Wars). I am definitely looking forward to a nice week off break for Thanksgiving next week before returning to Bates to focus on the end of the semester exams, assignments, and papers.

This past week I had a small part in a one act play directed by my friend Drew. Although I only had 11 lines (but who’s counting?) I was still pretty nervous before going on stage. I had lots of friends and other people I knew in the crowd and was worried I might mess up some of my lines. Luckily I made no mistakes and my completely unbiased supporters said that I did a great job.

I never thought when I came to Bates that I would act in a play but that’s one of the great things about this college. If you put yourself out there, there are a ton of opportunities to try new things and get involved in programs, clubs, and activities you never imagined you would be interested in. Until next time…

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