Lean-to and Judy (pt. 2)

Bates Lean-to

From Graham: In one of my previous posts I wrote about the Bates Lean-to, a little hut in the woods near campus on an alumnus’s property. I wanted to add more on this subject for two reasons. First, Judy contacted me recently by friending me on Facebook. This was a great little surprise and she sent me some pictures from the lean-to. Also, I was reminded of the lean-to since a bunch of my friends and I have decided to go to the lean-to after dinner soon and do some cross country skiing first thing in the morning. Don’t worry, cross country skiing is no exclusive sport, I just learned this winter (easy to learn, hard to master) and, since the college supplies the equipment, it is free. On that note, here’s some pictures of the lean-to these days. One is from this summer when a bunch of alumni stayed in the woods during reunion weekend and another is from last week or so in the snow.  [More…]

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