Video: Bobcats sing fight song as Bates football beats Bowdoin

Sophomore defensive end Tyler Kuehl’s interception and 25-yard return for a touchdown gave Bates College its first lead of the game with 9:39 left in the fourth quarter, and the Bobcats went on to win 28-24 over Bowdoin, the Bobcats’ first win over their in-state rivals since 2003. See a video of the Bobcats’ Garcelon Field postgame fight song posted on YouTube.

The Fight Song
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Fight on for Bates
For vict’rys at our door,
Today the Garnet Bobcat conquers again,
Hathorn rings out adding on another win.
While down the field the Garnet is marching,
Piling up the score — so fight (pause) for Bates (pause) and glory
Give us more! More! More! Hey!
Words and music by Hal Hunter ’55
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