Boston Globe focuses on Argentine adventures of Farber '12

For its regular “World Class” travel feature, The Boston Globe selects Avi Farber ’11 of Santa Fe, N.M, who spent the winter 2010 semester in Mendoza, Argentina, for his Bates Off-Campus Study program. Before arriving in Mendoza, Farber took the fall semester off to explore Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, sleeping in hostels, on beaches and in the mountains. In Mendoza, he lived with a host family while attending the National University of Cuyo, taking classes in philosophy, ceramics, Spanish grammar and Argentine culture. “The professors in my classes all spoke slowly and clearly, but the students all seemed to be so hyped up on yerba mate [a tea drink] that they speak a million words a minute,” Farber quips. View story from The Boston Globe, Oct. 17, 2010.

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