Multifaith Chaplaincy, Fall 2013

Decorations in the Peter J. Gomes Chapel at Troy Pappas'16's memorial service. Photograph by Phyllis Greber Jensen/Bates College

Decorations in the Peter J. Gomes Chapel during a memorial service. (Photograph by Phyllis Graber Jensen/Bates College)

The summer brought exciting changes for the Multifaith Chaplaincy!

Of course, we miss Multifaith Chaplain Bill Blaine-Wallace, who retired at the end of June. Emily Wright-Magoon has become acting multifaith chaplain, and we welcome Raymond Clothier as our new acting associate multifaith chaplain. You can read about Raymond on our website, and we hope you will have the chance to meet him soon.

We are excited to greet three new student multifaith fellows: Rachel Baumann ’14, Eliza Kaplan ’15 and Tenzin Namdol ’15. They join our returning fellows: juniors Zeb Casperson and Olivia Krishnaswami, and seniors Grace Glasson, Jules Hanlon, Natalie Shribman, Leticia Solis and Doug Welsh.

While much has changed, we remain the same: curious about the landscapes of your lives and hoping we will have the privilege to explore them with you.

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