Video: 2014 Puddle Jump

It’s an annual Bates tradition suitable for any hardy Bobcat. Get a taste of the 2014 Puddle Jump, enjoyed this year at milder temperatures sandwiched between polar vortexes. Produced by Sarah Crosby/Bates College.



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  1. Chris Terp Madsen '73 says:

    How can you have a story about the Puddle Jump without discussing the backstory? Really! We cannot let that story be forgotten! Shall I recap it? It was, after all the denouement of the ’60s, also known as the early ’70s, and some clever drunken fellow decided to stamp an obscenity into the snow on the Puddle directed at the Administration (F*** YOU). This was not acceptable to said Administration, which directed the Maintenance Crew to plow it away, despite the warmish weather. Warmish weather causeth weakish ice, which causeth Maintenance jeep to plummet through ice. Thus occureth first Puddle Jump, inadvertent though it was.

  2. Patti Lawson says:

    Vassar? Somebody give that man a Bates t-shirt!

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