Work in Progress


The Fallacy of Double Effect

The End of Aging: Ethical and Existential Issues

Codependent Origination and Environmental Ethics, with Alex Hamilton

Intercultural Bioethics: Confucian, Buddhist & Islamic Perspectives, manuscript

In addition to my continuing interest in Kantian and consequentialist ethics, I am also interested in intercultural ethics, which is a multicultural and interdisciplinary approach to moral philosophy, political theory, and public policy.  Western conceptions of moral and political philosophy have developed without much dialogue with other non-Western conceptions.  In particular, moral theory and conceptions of justice often simply assume an individualistic, rights-based approach. Other cultural traditions, including Islamic, Confucian, and Buddhist conceptions of ethics, begin with a focus on relationships and social responsibilities.  Intercultural ethics is premised on the need for more dialogue and integration of these often-divergent perspectives.  My work on interculturalism addresses health care policy, political philosophy, and especially medical ethics.