July 20: Documents to sign prior to student return to campus

All students planning to return to campus are required to review and electronically sign a number of documents prior to their arrival to Bates for the fall 2020 semester. 

What are these documents?

There are four documents that all students are required to review and sign. They are:

  1. Consent to COVID-19 Testing: As previously communicated, all students will be tested for COVID-19 upon their arrival to campus and twice per week thereafter. This form allows the Broad Institute to process your test.
  2. Release of COVID-19 Testing Results: This form permits the Broad Institute to release your testing results to Bates College and to Central Maine Medical Center.
  3. Student Public Health Agreement: This document outlines the public health and behavioral expectations of all students upon their return to campus. It also outlines the potential consequences for not adhering to these requirements.
  4. Acknowledgement of Shared Responsibility and Risk: This document asks students to acknowledge that they understand the shared risks and responsibilities of returning to campus for the Fall 2020 semester.

How do I review and sign these forms?

Students who are 18 or older may review and sign these forms in Garnet Gateway. They may be found in your To Do list. New students may also find these forms in their First Year Student To Do list.

What if I am currently under 18?

Students currently under the age of 18 must also have their parent(s)/guardian(s) review and sign these documents. Students currently under the age of 18 may access the relevant forms in the same manner as all other students — through the To Do list on Garnet Gateway.

However, once the link is clicked, they will be routed to a different program to permit both the student and their parent(s)/guardian(s) to review and sign the required documents.

What is the deadline to complete these forms?

All students should review and sign the required documents by Friday, July 31. 

Am I able to read the documents again after signing?

Yes. You may review documents previously signed in Garnet Gateway. You can find them in the Information menu under the Policy header. 

What if I am not comfortable signing one or more of the required documents?

Students planning to return to campus must sign all required documents. Students who do not sign all required documents will not be permitted to return to campus for the fall 2020 semester. These students may opt instead to study remotely; request a gap semester or year (new students); or take a leave of absence (continuing students)

What if I have changed my mind and now wish to study remotely instead of returning to campus?

Students who have changed their plans should email Faith Hauger in Student Affairs at fhauger@bates.edu.