Aug. 12: Move-in update

Dear Students, 

As many of you continue to make plans to come to campus this fall, I write today with some important reminder about the move-in process.

In our recent Fall 2020 Update, “What to do when you’re planning to return for the fall semester,” we used an airport metaphor to explain how students will arrive on campus: Students will move through testing at Underhill Arena and check in at Merrill Gymnasium in the way that you might go through airport security, with various steps and checkpoints along the way.

I will extend the metaphor to underscore the fact that moving into your residence will be like no other move-in day.  Specifically, when you arrive at your residence after testing and check in and start to move your belongings inside, it will feel like checking your luggage and saying a quick goodbye when you’re late for a flight.

In other words, to support the health and safety of our campus community, the process of moving in will be brief.

  • Parents and family members should plan to depart campus 10-15 minutes after their students’ belongings are unloaded in front of their residence hall. 
  • Students should keep any travel totes or bins with them, not try to return them outside.
  • Pack light. Very light. Only what you may need to get to the November break.
  • All exterior doors to campus buildings will be locked. 
  • Bates requires face coverings in all shared spaces on campus, including congested outdoor pathways.

As a friendly reminder, if your plans for the fall semester have changed, please notify Faith Hauger at