Visitors to Campus

Updated August 9, 2022

Visitors, including family members of a student, may only enter campus buildings under the conditions outlined below.

Bates is a mask-optional campus. Members of our community may choose to wear a mask at any time for any reason, including and not limited to their own level of comfort, personal medical status, family medical status, or personal risk. We encourage you to be courteous and respectful with regard to the needs and choices of others about masking. Someone you interact with on campus may request that you wear a face mask when indoors with them, and we hope that you will honor this request.

Visitors at Indoor Events and Programs

College departments, employees, and students may host visitors in college buildings. In order to enter campus buildings, visitors must be fully vaccinated and boosted for COVID-19, or have a negative COVID-19 test result within the previous 48 hours. The college may ask for proof of COVID-19 vaccination and booster or negative COVID-19 test result during one’s time on campus. If visitors have concerns about their own health risk factors related to attending mask-optional college events, they should seek guidance from their primary care physician.

Attendance at Bates College-sponsored student social events on campus that exceed 300 participants remains limited to currently enrolled Bates students, faculty, and staff. Vendors, third-party contractors, and other services that have been hired by Bates College to provide essential services at these events.

Overnight Guests in the Residence Halls with Bates College Students for College Sponsored Programs

There are programs on campus, such as those sponsored by Admission, that allow prospective students to reside overnight in a campus residence hall with Bates students. Such overnight guests must comply fully with the student COVID-19 vaccine requirement and therefore are
required to provide proof of full vaccination and receipt of a recommended booster dose against COVID-19. Documentation will be reviewed by the department sponsoring the program.

Candidate Interviews

Visitors who are on campus to interview for employment at the college must follow the on-campus interview policy.

Admission Visitors

All visitors must read and understand our Bates Admission Visitor Agreement to register for a campus event. You may schedule your campus visit here.

Vendor & Contractor Employees

Outside vendors and contractors must be informed of college policies and visitor policies by the hiring employee.

All vendor and contractor employees working on campus must comply with Bates policies as well as all applicable state, local, and federal guidelines, and directives, including all CDC and state Workplace Safety guidelines, OSHA standards, and the State of Maine requirements as they relate to COVID‐19. If policies and directives are not followed, the vendor/contractor will be removed from campus, and the vendor/contractor will not be allowed to return to campus unless they exhibit that they can comply with the plan and policies. Vendors and contractors must provide their company‐specific pandemic policies (if available) to the college. 

Vendor and contractor employees who are experiencing symptoms of COVID–19 infection shall not perform services on the Bates campus under any circumstances; these individuals should contact health providers and follow their company policies.