Student Research Handbook

A defining element of a Bates education is the emphasis on student research. We expect students to develop the skills and background they need to undertake ambitious research projects.

Conducting research is a serious undertaking. Working with a Bates faculty mentor or a research advisor from another institution, you have responsibilities to the college, the host research institution, the broader research enterprise in your field, federal and private funding agencies, and to society at large. Whether you are an undergraduate, doctoral student, or professional researcher, you are obliged to pursue new knowledge ethically, safely, and truthfully.

This Student Research Handbook provides information about the process of conducting research, including information on funding sources, research misconduct, intellectual property, working with human subjects, conflict of interest, safety, and reporting.  As you begin your research career at Bates, please take the time to read these materials and familiarize yourself with best practices in the library, laboratory, and field.

The policies guiding student research apply to Bates students as well as students from other institutions who are conducting research with Bates faculty. Students who conduct research during the academic year or during the summer are expected to abide by behavioral standards for students set forth in college policies including but not limited to The Academic Integrity PolicyThe Student Conduct PolicyThe Title IX and Sexual Misconduct and Harassment policiesThe Non-Discrimination Policy, and The Athletics Code of Ethics.