Faculty AIM Portal

The Office of Accessible Education and Student Support manages all of our student accommodations using Accessible Information Management (AIM).  Faculty have the option to login to AIM with their Bates network credentials and view all students who have registered accommodations in their course(s) as well as view all exams that students have scheduled.

1. Login to AIM by visiting https://andes.accessiblelearning.com/Bates/instructor

2. Sign in using your Bates network credentials

3. The homepage, or “overview’ page,  shows all students who have registered an accommodation for your course(s) for the current semester.

4. Click “View” to left of a student’s name to see their faculty notification letter which lists their registered accommodations.

5. To see all exams that students have scheduled, click “Alternative Testing” on the left side of your screen under “Views and Tools”

Please contact us with any questions or if you would like additional information regarding navigating the AIM portal.