What I Wish I Knew Before Coming to Bates

Below is some advice upperclass Bates students, registered with Accessible Education and Student Support (AESS), wish to share. Please take a few minutes to read this resource. We hope it will be helpful to you in your transition to college!

Academic Advice

  • Your professors and advisors are there to support and help you learn. They WANT to help, so let them. Go to office hours, set up appointments, and talk to them after class.
  • Be mindful of the resources that are offered at Bates. We have support systems and whether it be from an academic or mental/physical/emotional standpoint, it is crucial to know that there are resources available to incoming students. Start conversations with your Academic Advisor, Student Support Advisor, and staff in AESS. Utilize all of Bates resources. Don’t be afraid to plan ahead if you need support during your adjustment to Bates. Learn about AESS!

General Advice

  • Be true to yourself, your needs, your interests- do what is comfortable for you but do take risks once in a while, more often than not they pay off!
  • Pick a few things to really immerse yourself in outside of the classroom (i.e. clubs, events, local activities). This is how I established pretty meaningful relationships on campus.
  • You may feel that everyone already has friends and a group but a lot changes from week to week, month to month, semester to semester- it may be rough for a while but it will get better, it did for me!
  • Try not to stress too much. Always remember that things will end, so if you really are uncomfortable or unhappy in a class or (fill in the blank), it will end and it will be fine.
  • Sleep is really important! Remember to always take care of yourself. There is something to be said for the restorative powers of Netflix and sleep (and warm showers!).

Accessibility Advice

  • Do not be afraid to embrace the power you have as a student with a disability. Students can schedule meetings with Carson Dockum, Director of Accessible Education, to talk about how they may need more help in a class and tailor accommodations to the college environment.
  • Sometimes taking photos of the board if a professor is writing too quickly is the best way for me to keep up with the class. Professors have never had a problem with this!
  • Get to know the Accessible Education staff!