Interview with Bates

A Bates interview is meant to help you in your unique college search process. It’s your opportunity to connect one-on-one with a Bates community member, and to ask the deeper and specific questions that will help you determine if Bates is a good fit for your interests and aspirations. Interviews are both optional and informational – meaning you’re not being graded or evaluated. Interviews are available for prospective students planning on entering college in the fall of 2022. Please note that students are only eligible for one interview.

As a prospective student, you have two options:

Bates Online Interview: An Online Interview will be hosted by a Bates College senior or admission representative. Interviews are offered Monday through Friday from 1pm-6pm (Eastern Time). Interviews typically last 25-30 minutes. Schedule your Online Interview

Bates Alumni Interview: For more flexibility in times, consider requesting an Online Alumni Interview, which will connect you with an alumni volunteer in your area. Interviews typically last 25-30 minutes. Registration for an Alumni Interview will open in August. 

Tips for a Great Interview

Don’t worry, we won’t put you on the spot with trick questions. This is your opportunity to get to know us! Here are some tips to get the most our of your interview:

  1. Be prepared. Read our viewbook, browse the website, and have some questions ready. Are there departments or activities you want to learn more about? Are there values or opportunities you hope to see in your dream school? What do you need to know to determine if Bates is a good fit for you?
  2. Be yourself. This is your college search process! Don’t be afraid to ask the specific or off-the-wall questions.

Detailed Instructions for Requesting an Online Interview

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Schedule Your Virtual Visit”
  3. On this page, scroll down to the little calendar and select your preferred date
  4. On the same page, “Plan Your Virtual Visit!” will pop up; click on this
  5. Fill out the form. To see available interview slots, you will need to answer “In which term do you plan on entering?”. If you plan on starting college in 2021, then you are eligible for an interview and open interview slots will pop up on the form.