Student Clubs & Organizations

There are about 100 student clubs and organizations to get involved with at Bates! Student clubs and organizations allow for further exploration and discovery in both academic and non-academic areas, enabling growth experiences and learning beyond the classroom setting. Please find below categories of student clubs and organizations:

Bates College Student Government-Recognized Clubs

The perks of club status include the ability to reserve spaces on campus for meetings and events, an annual budget allocation that can be used to further the club’s mission, the ability to apply for a variety of funding sources reserved specifically for club use, and robust support from the Campus Life and the BCSG Funding & Activities Board.

Bates Athletics Club Sports

There are a variety of club sports that are supported exclusively by the Bates Department of Athletics.

Bates College Student Government (BCSG)

Want to make a difference on campus? BCSG is the premier voice of the student body at Bates College, and advocates for issues that ensure an open, equitable, and accessible campus for all community members. BCSG meetings provide a forum for students to voice concerns and support, allowing BCSG to engage in advocacy and articulate student interests to the administration and faculty.

Non-BCSG Student Organizations

There are several organizations that are not recognized by BCSG but still maintain healthy membership and make meaningful contributions to the campus community.

Village Club Series (VCS)

Marking its 30th year in 2023, the Village Club Series is a Bates tradition. The VCS Crew, comprised entirely of student employees under the advisement of Campus Life staff, plans each Thursday night show, from artist selection to show production.

Bates Music Ensembles

Interested in playing music in a non-academic setting? Join a Bates music ensemble! Opportunities include singing in the Bates Choir, playing in the Steel Pan Orchestra, or joining the Jazz Band.