Retention and Disposition Schedules

The College Archivist is currently developing records retention and disposition schedules for all departments of the College. Draft schedules for several offices are available below. If you are interested in creating a schedule for your office, please contact the College Archivist, Sam Howes.

Retention and Disposition Schedules

  • General Administrative records (includes correspondence, publications, etc.) SCHEDULE
  • Finance and Treasurer’s reords (also includes Trustees records) SCHEDULE
  • Human Resources DRAFT SCHEDULE
  • Institutional Research and Assessment Support DRAFT SCHEDULE
  • Registrar SCHEDULE

Guidelines for the Retention And Disposition of Archival Material

The following guidelines apply to all administrative officers of the College, as well as faculty whose performance of administrative duties (e.g., committee positions or chairs of academic departments) put them in possession of files, records, or documents concerning their official duties:

  1. All records of official activities of College officers, offices, and committees are the property of Bates College and constitute archival material.  Once inactive, these records should be transferred to the College Archives.
  2. Archival material in College offices may not be discarded or destroyed without the approval of (a) the departmental supervisor or records creator, and (b) the professional staff of the College Archives.
  3. The officer in charge of the department where the records accumulate, or the officer in charge a committee’s records, in consultation with the Archives staff, and in compliance with state and federal laws, is responsible for deciding how long inactive papers are to be retained in and under direct control of the office, prior to disposition (i.e., destruction or transfer to the Archives).  Material selected for preservation shall be sent to the College Archives in accordance with a records schedule developed by the Archives staff, in consultation with the officer in charge of the department where the records accumulate.
  4. The professional staff of the Archives shall consult with appropriate administrative officers regarding conditions of access which may be placed on any category of records.  It is understood that in the absence of specific restrictions, all materials transferred to the Archives will be open to researchers on a non-discriminatory basis.
  5. Please consult the Archives and Records Management FAQ for more information regarding records management at Bates.