Manuscript Collections (list)

Account books, 1722-1854, 1915-1922, undated

  • Creator:
  • Collection ID: MC008
  • Abstract: Miscellaneous account books from the 18th to early-20th centuries, including records of the Bates Street Shirt Company in Lewiston.
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Alfred Williams Anthony papers, 1872-1996

  • Creator: Anthony, Alfred Williams, 1860-1939
  • Collection ID: MC007
  • Abstract: The collection is composed of correspondence, published and unpublished writings, scrapbooks and other material documenting the career of Alfred Williams Anthony, distinguished scholar, teacher, and administrator. Included is material related to Anthony's book, Bates College and Its Background, and the Interdenominational Commission of Maine. Also included is material related to his tenure on the Board of Trustees of Bates College and his interest in and writings on a variety of subjects including Christianity, finances and charitable giving, nature, and people and events associated with Lewiston, Maine, Bates College, and Rhode Island.
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Alice Esty papers, 1814-1999, undated

  • Creator: Esty, Alice Theresa Hildegard Swanson, 1904-2000
  • Collection ID: MC038
  • Abstract: The papers of soprano Alice Esty include original and photo-reproduced manuscripts of unpublished musical compositions for solo voice and piano by several major composers of the twentieth century, including Francis Poulenc, Virgil Thomson, Ned Rorem, Darius Milhaud, Germaine Tailleferre, Paul Bowles, Claire Mann, Henri Sauguet, and Ben Weber. Many of these compositions represent collaborative efforts between musicians and poets, including Frank O'Hara, Kenneth Koch, e.e. cummings, and Guillaume Apollinaire, and some include Esty's performance annotations. Related correspondence is also included, as are letters with close friends and other composers such as William Matthews, Arthur Gold and Robert Fizdale. Also included are the transcripts of Thomas Parkman Cushing's letters and diaries, the originals of which are presumed lost. Cushing (1787-1854), an affluent and important shipping merchant in Boston during the mid-nineteenth century, was the founder of Cushing Academy in Ashburnham, Massachusetts.
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Amos Hovey manuscript, undated

  • Creator: Hovey, Amos Arnold
  • Collection ID: MC033
  • Abstract: A typescript of an unpublished monograph by Hovey titled "Religious influences in the movement for international peace: a history of the religious phase of the American movement for international peace to the year 1914." Hovey taught history at Bates College from 1926 to 1950. This manuscript traces the importance of religion in international peace negotiations up to 1914.
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Annie Merrill Hayes papers, 1898-1970

  • Creator: Hayes, Annie Merrill
  • Collection ID: MC077
  • Abstract: The collection contains correspondence, photographs, and other material related to Annie Merrill Hayes (Bates College class of 1902). It also includes information about class of 1902 reunions and and alumni activities in which Hayes was involved.
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Arnold G. Adams track memorabilia, ca. 1929-1935

  • Creator: Adams, Arnold G., 1910-1965
  • Collection ID: MC075
  • Abstract: Memorabilia related to the track and field accomplishments of Arnold G. Adams, including material from his days as a student at Bates College (1929-1933) and the 1932 Olympics, in which he was scheduled to but did not compete because of an injury.
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Arnold Kenseth papers, 1913-1997, undated

  • Creator: Kenseth, Arnold
  • Collection ID: MC074
  • Abstract: The collection contain the writings, correspondence, professional files, and personal materials of Arnold Kenseth, a poet, Congregational minister, and 1937 graduate of Bates College.
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Arthur N. and Robert Peaslee papers, 1893-1941, undated

  • Creator: Peaslee, Arthur Newton
  • Collection ID: MC017
  • Abstract: The collection contains Arthur Peaslee's translation of Dante's Divine Comedy, as well as lecture notes on this and other works by Dante, such as La Vita Nuova and La Convito. Also includes literary works by his brother Robert Peaslee and an essay on James Joyce by Paul Elmer More.
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Bates College artifact collection, 1860s-[ongoing]

  • Creator: Bates College (Lewiston, Me.)
  • Collection ID: MC098
  • Abstract: Artifacts associated with Bates College, its faculty and students, and its programs.
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Bates College scrapbook collection, ca. 1867-1984

  • Creator:
  • Collection ID: MC104
  • Abstract: The collection contains scrapbooks dating primarily from the early 1900s to the 1950s maintained by Bates students and faculty.
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Bates People Files, 1846-[ongoing]

  • Creator:
  • Collection ID: BATES86
  • Abstract: A collection of published and some unpublished material documenting Bates College faculty, staff, alumni, and other people associated with the College, such as honorary degree recipients.
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Benjamin F. Hayes papers, 1854, undated

  • Creator: Hayes, Benjamin F.
  • Collection ID: MC096
  • Abstract: Contains a journal and a bound volume of lecture notes by Bates professor Benjamin F. Hayes. The journal was begun in the 1850s to record a wide range of interests from slavery to phrenology, and includes a red piece of cloth purported to be a piece of the flag which was raised over the mansion house in Alexandria by Col. E. E. Ellsworth just before his assassination. Ellsworth is often claimed to be the first casualty of the Civil War.
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Beth Abraham Synagogue, Auburn, collection, 1914-2017

  • Creator: Beth Abraham Synagogue
  • Collection ID: MC130
  • Abstract: This collection contains correspondence, photographs, publications, programs, calendars, clippings, artifacts, and a variety of other administrative materials documenting the life of the Beth Abraham Synagogue in Auburn, Maine.
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Bits of old China, 1908

  • Creator: Sites, Evelyn Worthley
  • Collection ID: MC037
  • Abstract: Ink and watercolor drawings illustrating Foochow, China in the early twentieth century that were collected by Evelyn and Clement Sites, Christian missionaries who served in China from at least 1901 to 1907.
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Carl B. Straub papers, 1952-2013

  • Creator: Straub, Carl B.
  • Collection ID: MC123
  • Abstract: Contains a larege body of personal correspondence as well as some that is Bates-related, subject files and Cultural Heritage lecture notes.
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Charles F. Phillips papers, 1910-1997, undated

  • Creator: Phillips, Charles F. (Charles Franklin), 1910-1998
  • Collection ID: MC087
  • Abstract: This collection contains the personal papers of Bates College president Charles F. Phillips. It also includes his professional papers unrelated to his time as Bates president (1944-1967) and personal material related to his wife, Evelyn, including their extensive travels together to such places as India and Europe.
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Civil War related and other historic newspapers, 1832-1910

  • Creator:
  • Collection ID: MC097
  • Abstract: Historic newspapers, including several issued during the Civil War from both northern and southern states.
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Clive and Mary Knowles papers, 1924-2008

  • Creator: Knowles, Clive D. and Mary G.
  • Collection ID: MC032
  • Abstract: Contains records documenting the lives and activities of Clive Knowles (Bates '33) and Mary Gardner Knowles (Bates '34), including correspondence, photographs, family materials, publications, and manuscripts written by Clive Knowles.
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Daisy Dill Norton papers, 1893-1955, undated

  • Creator: Norton, Daisy Dill, 1872-1959
  • Collection ID: MC057
  • Abstract: The collection contains correspondence, photographs, diaries, and scrapbooks that document the personal life and ornithological, horticultural, and cultural interests of Daisy Dill Norton. Norton was the long-time secretary of the Stanton Bird Club; a close friend of Alfred Williams Anthony, who gifted to the Club the initial and most significant tract of land that became the Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary; and a frequent contributor to the Lewiston Evening Journal newspaper on birding topics. She also spearheaded an effort to beautify the Bates College campus which she lived near.
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Damon M. Stetson papers, 1932-1986

  • Creator: Stetson, Damon M., 1915-
  • Collection ID: MC072
  • Abstract: Comprised of correspondence and clippings related to Damon Stetson's life as a Bates student from 1932-1936. Also includes articles he wrote during his long career with the New York Times.
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David Crowe collection, 1660-1980

  • Creator: Crowe, David
  • Collection ID: MC047
  • Abstract: The collection is comprised of photocopies of letters, catalogues, and other documents in the personal collection of David Crowe regarding the Freewill Baptists.
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David Marks papers, 1789, 1835-1845

  • Creator: Marks, David, 1805-1845
  • Collection ID: MC030
  • Abstract: David Marks was a Freewill Baptist minister. The collection consists of his notes pertaining to church services in Portsmouth, N.H. (1835); Rochester, N.Y, (1837); and Oberlin, Ohio (1844-45). Marks comments on lectures and sermons delivered by Amos Sutton, Asa Mahan, President of Oberlin Collegiate Institute; and Charles Finney, professor of theology at Oberlin. Also included are his own sermons, notes concerning Freewill Baptist missions in India, and minutes from several meetings of the Foreign Mission Society (April 1835).
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Donald Lent papers, 1962-1998 undated

  • Creator: Lent, Donald
  • Collection ID: MC084
  • Abstract: Contains sketchbooks, writings, exhibit catalogs, programs and other material created and collected by Donald Lent, Dana Professor of Art at Bates College from 1970 to 1999.
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Dorothy Clarke Wilson papers, 1917-1931, undated

  • Creator: Wilson, Dorothy Clarke
  • Collection ID: MC043
  • Abstract: Manuscripts for several works by Dorothy Clarke Wilson (Bates College Class of 1925), including unpublished works while she was a student and two books: Lincoln's Mothers (published 1981) and My Hazen Lives (not published?).
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Dorothy Freeman collection, 1891-2012

  • Creator: Freeman, Dorothy, 1898-1978
  • Collection ID: MC041
  • Abstract: Correspondence and other material documenting the close friendship between ecologist, biologist and author Rachel Carson and her summer neighbor Dorothy Freeman from their first meeting to Carson's death in 1964. Their letters portray in great detail the genesis of their friendship and of Carson's work, including the conception, creation, and impact of Silent Spring which exposed the dangers of pesticides. The letters also discuss details of everyday life, friends, and associates; The Edge of the Sea (which Carson dedicated to Dorothy and her husband Stan); and the progression of Carson's breast cancer (diagnosed in 1960). The collection also contains early drafts of some of Carson's writings, speeches, and research materials; some of Dorothy Freeman's writings, including drafts of short stories, observations of the natural world, and notes pertaining to talks she gave about Rachel Carson; and a variety of Freeman family materials, including letters written by Stanley Freeman, Jr. when he was a student at Bates College (1944-1948) and diaries kept by Dorothy and her husband, Stanley Freeman, Sr.
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Dressler Family Collection of Alfred Williams Anthony Papers, 1802-1985, undated

  • Creator: Anthony family
  • Collection ID: MC112
  • Abstract: The collection is comprised of correspondence, journals, and assorted papers of several members of the Anthony, Waterman and Angell families of Rhode Island which document in detail family, social, educational and religious life in the nineteenth and early twentieth century, particularly in New England. Includes significant material on Alfred W. and Harriet W. Anthony, including their time in Bangor, Maine where Alfred served as pastor of the Essex Street Free Baptist Church and his involvement and activities with the Freewill Baptist denomination. Also includes their time in Germany and at Cobb Divinity School in Lewiston, Maine where Alfred served as professor of New Testament Exegesis and Criticism. Collection also contains the correspondence of Civil War soldier Frank A. Waterman who served with the First Rhode Island Light Artillery Battery.
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E. H. Sawada collection, late 19th-early 20th century?

  • Creator: Sawada, E. H.
  • Collection ID: MC035
  • Abstract: A small collection of Japanese erotic prints compiled and interpreted by E. H. Sawada.
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Edmund S. Muskie papers, 1826-2005

  • Creator: Muskie, Edmund S., 1914-1996
  • Collection ID: MC105
  • Abstract: The Edmund S. Muskie papers consist of office files, audio and video recordings, photographs, artifacts, and other material related to his terms as a member of the Maine House of Representatives (1947-1951), director of the Maine District of the U.S. Office of Price Stabilization (1951-1952), governor of Maine (1955-1959), U.S. senator (D-Me., 1959-1980), and U.S. secretary of state (May 1980 to January 1981), during which he dealt with the Iran Hostage crisis. Records related to his election campaigns, including his 1968 vice presidential race with Hubert H. Humphrey and his bid for the 1972 Democratic nomination for the presidency, are also included. During Muskie's long senate career he served on numerous committees, including the Budget (1975-1980); Environment and Public Works (1977-1980); Foreign Relations (1971-1974, 1979-1980); Governmental Affairs (1977-1978); Government Operations (1959-1976); and Public Works (1959-1976); as well as the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations and the Special Committee on Aging (1961-1976). His entire legislative record is documented, including his sponsorship of important legislation such as the Intergovernmental Relations Act (1959), the Model Cities Act (1966), the Clean Air Act (1970), the Clean Water Act (1972), and the Budget Reform Act (1974). An innovative and highly successful advocate for improving and protecting the environment, Muskie also played a dominant role in promoting fiscal responsibility within the government, an equitable and sustainable arms agreement between the Soviet Union and the United States, and urban renewal of American cities. Muskie also served as U.S. secretary of state for the final 10 months of the Carter administration, during which the 1981 release of the Iranian hostages was negotiated. In addition to his political career, the collection documents Muskie's childhood in Rumford, Maine; his years as a student at Bates College; his personal and family life, including his father, Stephen Muskie, his mother Josephine Czarnecki Muskie, and his wife Jane Gray Muskie; his service in the U.S. Navy during World War II; his law practice in Waterville, Maine; and professional activities, such as Muskie's work with AMVETS, Roosevelt Campobello International Park, the Nestle Infant Formula Audit Commission, and the President's Special Review Board charged with investigating the Iran-Contra Affair.
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Elizabeth Gregory papers, mid-late 20th century

  • Creator: Gregory, Elizabeth
  • Collection ID: MC082
  • Abstract: Collection includes information about artists collected by Elizabeth Gregory (Bates College class of 1938), particularly the painter Hyman Bloom.
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Elizabeth Millet Chase poems, 1953-1956

  • Creator: Chase, Elizabeth Millet
  • Collection ID: MC111
  • Abstract: Typescripts and a few manuscripts of more than 400 poems written by Elizabeth Millet Chase, daughter of Bates professor George M. Chase, between 1953 and 1956.
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Esther Rosenthal Zellweger papers, 1960-1963, undated

  • Creator: Mechler, Esther
  • Collection ID: MC067
  • Abstract: The collection contains memorabilia, travel literature, correspondence, photographs, and other material related to Bates College student Esther Rosenthal Zellweger's 1962-1963 junior year abroad in Geneva, Switzerland. Also includes a scrapbook kept during her freshmen and sophomore years at Bates.
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Eunice Hawkins papers, mid 19th-early 20th c.

  • Creator: Hawkins, Eunice, 1899-2000
  • Collection ID: MC078
  • Abstract: Photographs, ephemera, and artifacts collected by Eunice Hawkins, Bates class of 1921. Much of the material pertains to travel in New England, especially in the White Mountains.
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Florence James Cyr papers, 1974-2003, undated

  • Creator: Cyr, Florence James
  • Collection ID: MC102
  • Abstract: Correspondence, bird counts and notes about bird sightings in and around Portland, Maine compiled by Florence James Cyr, Bates Class of 1933.
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Frank Glazer papers, 1826-2010

  • Creator: Glazer, Frank
  • Collection ID: MC108
  • Abstract: [UNPROCESSED] Contains correspondence, scores, books, artifacts, photographs, recorded music (LPs, cassettes, CDs), and other files detailing the life and career of Frank Glazer, pianist, composer, and Bates College Artist-in-Residence for over 30 years.
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Fred Austin Knapp papers, 1912-1953

  • Creator: Knapp, Fred Austin
  • Collection ID: MC034
  • Abstract: Composed of the elegies and tributes written by Bates professor of Latin Fred Austin Knapp for many of his colleagues, including George M. Chase, Lyman Jordan, Halbert Britan, Grosvenor Robinson, George Ramsdell, and Fred Pomeroy.
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Fred Pomeroy correspondence, ca. 1900-ca. 1960

  • Creator: Pomeroy, Fred Elmer, 1877-1960
  • Collection ID: MC073
  • Abstract: Incoming and outgoing correspondence of Fred Pomeroy, Bates Professor of Physics. The majority of the letters are with Bates students and alumni regarding their further education and careers; letters documenting his work with the Stanton Bird Club and Wavus camp are also included. Pomeroy was particularly interested in documenting the number and nature of Bates graduates working in biology.
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Frederick (“Pat”) and Ursula Pettengill papers, 1927-1987, undated

  • Creator: Pettengill, Frederick
  • Collection ID: MC114
  • Abstract: Photographs, correspondence, awards, clippings, biographical information and other materials about Frederick ("Pat") Pettengill, Bates class of 1931, and his wife, Ursula Prater.
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Freewill Baptist records, 1797-1970, undated

  • Creator:
  • Collection ID: MC091
  • Abstract: The collection is composed primarily of record books, containing meeting minutes and financial information, from several organizations of the northern branch of the Freewill Baptists, including the Free Baptist Education Society, the Bowdoin Quarterly Meeting, the Free Baptist Foreign Mission Society, the Free Baptist Pastors' Correspondence School, and the General Conference of Free Baptists. The collection also contains the annual meeting minutes of the Maine Free Baptist Association and material by and about Alfred Williams Anthony and John Buzzell.
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Frye genealogical collection, 1783-1872

  • Creator: Frye Family
  • Collection ID: MC036
  • Abstract: Genealogical documents related to the Frye family of Lewiston, Maine, and in particular to John M. Frye, William Robinson Frye, William P. Frye, and Dean Frye.
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Garcelon family papers, 1750-1970, undated

  • Creator: Garcelon family
  • Collection ID: MC106
  • Abstract: The collection contains some of the papers of Pierre Garcelon (1685-1772), William Green Garcelon (1786-1872), Alonzo Garcelon (1813-1906), and Charles Augustus Garcelon (1842-1935), among other family members. Of particular note are William Garcelon's financial records related to the estate of Jackson Davis, an Indian agent for the Penobscot tribe; Civil War letters written by Alonzo Garcelon, Surgeon General of Maine, and C. A. Garcelon, a volunteer in the 16th regiment of Maine volunteers; letters and other material related to Alonzo Garcelon's service as Governor of Maine and the controversy surrounding the election of 1879; and C. A. Garcelon's material related to his work as general superintendent of the Pullman Car Company.
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George and Clarence Smith papers, 1814-1999

  • Creator: Smith, George Edwin, 1848-1919
  • Collection ID: MC052
  • Abstract: This collection consists of the personal and professional papers of two nephews of the Reverend Oren Burbank Cheney, founder and first president of Bates College: the Hon. George Edwin Smith (1848-1919) (Bates, 1873; LL.D., 1918), three-time president of the Massachusetts Senate and attorney for railroad trusts; and of his youngest brother, the Hon. Clarence Cheney Smith (1865-1943) (Bates, 1888), a founding recorder and later a justice for the Massachusetts Land Court. Among the materials are a scrapbook of President William McKinley's 1899 visit to Boston and research material by Clarence Smith on the Sacco-Vanzetti Trial. Also includes the correspondence and research of Danny D. Smith, the compiler of the Smith Papers and Smith family genealogist.
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George Sampson diaries, 1886-1912

  • Creator: George Sampson diaries
  • Collection ID: MC133
  • Abstract: Collection consists of 26 pocket diaries kept by George Sampson from 1886 through 1912. There are two missing years, 1895 and 1906.
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George W. Bryant letters, 1952-1954

  • Creator: Bryant, George William
  • Collection ID: MC045
  • Abstract: Correspondence with George W. Bryant, Bates Class of 1953, related to his research on the Boer War.
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Gerda Haas papers, 1973-1991, undated

  • Creator: Haas, Gerda
  • Collection ID: MC083
  • Abstract: The collection contains organizational and creative materials of Gerda Haas, a Holocaust survivor and Bates College librarian. These materials show the process that Haas went through in both writing and researching her projects. The majority of the material deals either with research for her book These I Do Remember: Fragments from the Holocaust or administrative details in organizing a state-wide conference about the Holocaust in Maine.
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Gordon L. Corbett papers, 1941-1945

  • Creator: Corbett, Gordon, 1920-2010
  • Collection ID: MC116
  • Abstract: The collection contains correspondence, newsletters and other papers of Gordon L. Corbett '43. The material details student life and events at Bates and the experiences of Bates students serving in the armed forces during World War II.
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Grosvenor May Robinson papers, 1924-1942

  • Creator: Robinson, Grosvenor May
  • Collection ID: MC026
  • Abstract: Notebooks, scrapbooks, and travel logs documenting Bates College professor Grosvenor May Robinson's many trips throughout Europe, Russia and the United States to observe and lecture on theater.
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Hanford Civil War letters, 1862-1865

  • Creator: Hanford family
  • Collection ID: MC049
  • Abstract: The collection consists of 38 letters written between 1862 and 1865, most to Levi and Elizabeth Hanford of Hobart, Delaware County, N.Y. by four of their nephews: James Oscar Hanford, Horace S. Hanford, Chauncey D. Hanford and Crandal B. Hanford. These men served in the 144th New York Volunteer Infantry, a Delaware County Regiment during the Civil War. The Regiment, which was organized into 10 companies, drilled at Camp Delaware located near Delhi, New York. It was sworn into Federal service on September 27, 1862 and mustered out at Elmira in July of 1865. There are also a few letters written to their son Charles or by Nancie Hanford, Chauncey Hanford's wife, and Raymond S. Champlin who appears to be a family friend. The collection also includes two copies of The New South, a newspaper published out of Port Royal, South Carolina (dated April 9 and July 23, 1864) and a copy of The Palmetto Herald, another newspaper published out of Port Royal, South Carolina (dated April 7, 1864).
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Harry W. Rowe papers, 1854-1981

  • Creator: Rowe, Harry W.
  • Collection ID: MC071
  • Abstract: Contains correspondence and memoranda, clippings, notes, photographs, reports, scrapbooks, and speeches concerning the activities and interests of Harry Rowe. The records cover his tenure as a student and employee at Bates College, as well as his retirement years.
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Ina Parsons collection, 1892-1899

  • Creator: Parsons, Ina
  • Collection ID: MC125
  • Abstract: Contains correspondence, diaries, photographs, and a scrapbook documenting Parsons' four years at Bates. In addition there is a chemistry textbook used by her cousin at Bates.
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James B. Longley papers, 1968-1980, undated

  • Creator: Longley, James B.
  • Collection ID: MC089
  • Abstract: The collection contains the gubernatorial papers of James B. Longley, independent governor of Maine from 1975 to 1979.
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James S. Leamon collection of Maine research material, 1970-1980, undated

  • Creator: Leamon, James S.
  • Collection ID: MC092
  • Abstract: The collection is composed of research material related to early Lewiston/Auburn and Maine history compiled by Bates history professor James Leamon. Of particular note are folders on documents related to the Penobscot Expedition of 1779.
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John Tagliabue papers, ca. 1940-2006, undated

  • Creator: Tagliabue, John, 1923-
  • Collection ID: MC065
  • Abstract: Poems, typescripts, travel journals, correspondence, and other documents concerning the life and work of John Tagliabue, an accomplished poet and professor of English at Bates College. It includes correspondence with a number of Bates faculty and alumni and well known poets, including Allen Ginsberg and Donald Hall.
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Jonathan Woodman diary, April 5, 1848- July 13, 1848

  • Creator: Woodman, Jonathan, 1798-1888
  • Collection ID: MC050
  • Abstract: In 1847 Rev. Jonathan Woodman was elected by the Freewill Baptist General Conference as a delegate to the General Baptists conference in England. This diary records his travels through England for this purpose in 1848, and includes information about meeting Rev. Jabez Burns and Rev. Joseph Goadby, visiting several General Baptist churches in London, attending Baptist Missionary meetings and temperance meetings, and meeting with members of the British Anti-Slavery Society.
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Josiah Spooner Swift papers, 1813-1989

  • Creator: Swift, Josiah Spooner, 1813-1883
  • Collection ID: MC010
  • Abstract: Josiah Spooner Swift (1813-1883) was a Freewill Baptist minister, farmer, amateur artist, and publisher. The collection contains his journals, sketchbooks, and other documents.
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Judith Isaacson papers, 1912-1996

  • Creator: Isaacson, Judith Magyar, 1925-
  • Collection ID: MC053
  • Abstract: Judith (Jutka) Magyar Isaacson was born in Kaposvar, Hungary in 1925. A member of a Jewish family that was persecuted during World War II, Isaacson survived the Holocaust after spending time at both Auschwitz and Birkenau. She met her husband, Irving Isaacson, shortly after her liberation, and moved to Lewiston, Maine, his hometown. She received a degree in mathematics from Bates College (Class of 1965), and a masters from Bowdoin College. From 1969-1977 she served as first Dean of Women and then Dean of Students at Bates. The collection consists of her family papers, including letters written prior to and after World War II. The majority of letters are between Isaasonand resuming after the war. Many of the letters are between Judith, her aunt Magda, and her mother Rose, and some are in Hungarian and German. There are also numerous family documents and material related to Isaacson's memoir Seed of Sarah.
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Karl Braithwaite papers, 1968-2003

  • Creator: Braithwaite, Karl
  • Collection ID: MC088
  • Abstract: The collection includes papers related to Karl Braithwaite's work as a speech writer for Senators Edmund S. Muskie and Joseph Montoya, and his work as Staff Director of the Tower Commission, which was charged by President Reagan with investigating the Iran-Contra affair.
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Karl Woodcock photography collection, ca. 1890s-1930s

  • Creator: Woodcock, Karl, 1895-
  • Collection ID: MC054
  • Abstract: Bates College professor of Physics, Karl Woodcock, was an avid photographer and served as faculty advisor to the Bates Camera Club in the early 20th century. The collection is comprised of negatives and few photograph prints either created or collected by Woodcock. It includes images of dorm rooms, buildings, faculty members, sports activities, the Jordan Scientific Society Exhibition, student clubs, the Student Army Training Corps (1917-1918), and class reunions. Also includes images of family activities, such as trips to the White Mountains, Rangeley, and Moosehead Lake.
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Lavinia Coombs letters, 1887-1892

  • Creator: Coombs, Lavinia, 1849-1927
  • Collection ID: MC042
  • Abstract: Nine letters written by Freewill Baptist missionary Lavinia Coombs from Midnapore and Balasore, India, to Nellie Whittemore of Bowdoinham, Maine.
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Lavinia Schaeffer papers, 1903-1978, undated

  • Creator: Schaeffer, Lavinia Miriam, 1903-1978
  • Collection ID: MC068
  • Abstract: The collection contains photographs, legal documents, clippings, and other material related to Lavinia Schaeffer, a long time professor of speech and theater at Bates College.
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Leon Tebbetts papers, ca. 1940-1995

  • Creator: Tebbetts, Leon
  • Collection ID: MC018
  • Abstract: Typescripts and manuscripts of various literary works by Leon Harold Tebbetts (1908-1997), an author, illustrator, filmmaker, book dealer, and publisher who ran the Falmouth Publishing House for more than twenty years.
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Lewiston School Department records, 1851-1984, undated

  • Creator: Lewiston School Department
  • Collection ID: MC110
  • Abstract: The collection contains the early administrative, registrarial and financial records of the Lewiston School Department. The bulk of the records date from the late nineteenth to early twenieth century and document such important developments as the establishment of one of the earliest public Kindergarten classes in the country and the progressive policy begun in the 1870s of providing all textbooks and supplies to students at no cost. The collection contains annual reports beginning in 1851 which document curricular and policy changes, the development of individual schools, and attendance, standards and outcomes.
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Little family genealogical collection, 1860-1963, undated

  • Creator: Little, Catherine Gilman
  • Collection ID: MC115
  • Abstract: Notes, letters, and publications about the history of the descendents of George Little of Newbury, Massachusetts. The collection was compiled by Catherine Little, Bates class of 1908.
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Mabel Simmons letters, 1919-1923

  • Creator: Simmons, Mabel
  • Collection ID: MC021
  • Abstract: Contains more than 200 letters written by Mabel Simmons, while a student at Bates College from 1919 to 1923 to her family in Stoughton, Massachusetts. The correspondence covers all aspects of her life, including details of her academic work and social life.
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Maine Commission on Legal Needs records, 1972-1992

  • Creator: Maine Commission on Legal Needs
  • Collection ID: MCLN
  • Abstract: The Maine Commission on Legal Needs, chaired by Edmund S. Muskie, was charged by the Maine Bar Foundation with studying the legal needs of Maine residents. The commission's records pertain to financial and other administrative matters of tcommission and its subcommittees; the administration of the Maine Legal Needs Survey; and the drafting, writing, and editing of the final report and action plan.
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Marsden Hartley memorial collection, 1904-1947, undated

  • Creator: Hartley, Marsden, 1877-1943
  • Collection ID: MC011
  • Abstract: The collection includes originals and copies of Hartley's correspondence, poems, and essays compiled from a variety of sources. Correspondents include Gertrude Stein, Gertrude Tiemer, and Norma Berger, the artist's favorite niece. There are also published and unpublished poems in manuscript and typescript form, including Hartley's essay on Carl Sprinchorn, a close friend and fellow Maine artist.
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Meredith F. Burrill papers, 1920-1925, undated

  • Creator: Burrill, Meredith F., 1902-1997
  • Collection ID: MC060
  • Abstract: Photographs, clippings, ephemera, and other material collected by Meredith F. Burrill (class of 1925) while he was a student at Bates College.
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Miscellaneous manuscripts, 1779-1969, undated

  • Creator:
  • Collection ID: MC009
  • Abstract: Miscellaneous manuscript material, including an Orderly Book dating from the American Revolution, a journal kept during a transatlantic journey in the 1830s, and a small collection of letters by Walter Pater. Also includes research material of Malcolm Henry Ikin Letts, personal negatives of Brooks Quimby, and deeds and other material from Harry P. Dill.
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Muskie Foundation records, 1969-2005, undated

  • Creator: Edmund S. Muskie Foundation
  • Collection ID: MC070
  • Abstract: Administrative records and reference files of the Edmund S. Muskie Foundation, organized in 1996 to promote the legacy of Senator and Secretary of State Edmund S. Muskie and directed by Muskie's former chief of staff Leon Billings. The collection also includes political cartoons of Muskie by Pat Oliphant.
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Norman Ross photography collection, ca. 1890s-ca. 1999

  • Creator: Ross, Norman E., 1898-2000
  • Collection ID: MC076
  • Abstract: The collection contains numerous photographs of Norman Ross '22, long time treasurer of Bates College, his wife Marjorie Pillsbury Ross '23, family members and friends including many from the Bates College community. Other material includes news clippings and several memorial tributes to Bates alumni.
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Palm-leaf manuscripts, ca. 1853-1862

  • Creator: Smith, Benjamin Burleigh
  • Collection ID: MC094
  • Abstract: Five manuscripts of Shastras, sacred Hindu texts, inscribed on palm leaves which were collected by Benjamin Burleigh Smith, a Free Will Baptist missionary who lived in India during the mid 19th century.
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Pamela Alexander papers, 1963-2020

  • Creator: Alexander, Pamela, 1948-
  • Collection ID: MC012
  • Abstract: Poems (photocopies and books/journals), correspondence, and other writings of published poet Pamela Alexander (Bates Class of 1970). The collection includes a significant amount of letters with John Tagliabue, Alexander's professor at Bates College, as well as family, friends, colleagues, and others related to Alexander's career as a poet and educator.
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Patricia Parsons Kay correspondence, 1960-1963

  • Creator: Kay, Patricia Parsons
  • Collection ID: MC109
  • Abstract: The collection contains 44 letters written by former Bates student, Patricia Parsons Kay, to her parents during her 1962-63 junior year abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France.
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Philip M. Isaacson papers, circa 1935-2013

  • Creator: Isaacson, Philip M.
  • Collection ID: MC119
  • Abstract: Collection contains correspondence, primarily letters to his parents during World War II; typescripts of his Maine Sunday Telegram columns; various speeches, lectures and talks primarily concerning art and architecture; other material includes information on the Continental Mill and the Bates Mill Historic District and on the Philip M. and Deborah N. Isaacton house; also contains correspondence, drafts and research material for his three books and other published and unpublished material, newsclippings about Isaacson and photographs of the Isaacson house under construction.
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Rabbi David Berent papers, 1934-1978, undated

  • Creator: Berent, David
  • Collection ID: MC080
  • Abstract: The collection contains published and unpublished sermons and writings written or collected by Rabbi David Berent of Congregation Beth Jacob in Lewiston, Maine. It also contains songbooks of music he arranged for his congregation.
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Richard A. Melville papers, 1953-2003, undated

  • Creator: Melville, Richard A.
  • Collection ID: MC059
  • Abstract: Richard A. Melville (1932-2005) served in in Laos and Cambodia from 1959-1963 as a U.S State Department Foreign Service officer. He later pursued a career in international banking and finance, serving as President and CEO of Allied Bank International in New York and consulting with the United Nations Development Programme in China. He was the principal author of the International Banking Act (1978) and from 1979 to 1998, served as the personal financial advisor to Prince Norodom Sihanouk of Cambodia. The collection is comprised of correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, press clippings, publications, and typescripts related to his work, as well as his efforts to preserve Cambodian antiquities and his research about the Khting Vor, a mythical bovine thought to inhabit Cambodia and Vietnam which he helped to debunk as a hoax. Of particular interest are several albums of photographs Melville took while a Foreign Service officer of Cambodian hill tribes and hunts and material documenting his long relationship with Norodum Sihanouk as both friend and advisor.
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Richard Calvin Stanley diary, 1864

  • Creator: Stanley, Richard Calvin
  • Collection ID: MC095
  • Abstract: An 1864 diary kept by Richard Calvin Stanley, Bates College professor of Chemistry and Geology, during his trip to New York City and Washington D.C. as a delegate of the Sanitary Commission, a private organization that provided comfort to Union soldiers during the Civil War.
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Richard M. Saul papers, 1964-1999, undated

  • Creator: Saul, Richard M.
  • Collection ID: MC107
  • Abstract: Reference and subject files and audio/visual materials of Richard M. Saul, a public official who developed federal weatherization, energy, and anti-poverty programs. Much of the material pertains to Saul's work with VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America), and the United States Office of Economic Opportunity, later known as the Community Services Administration.
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Robert Berkelman papers, 1974, undated

  • Creator: Berkelman, Robert, 1900-1975
  • Collection ID: MC013
  • Abstract: Comprised of the unpublished writings of Robert Berkelman (1900-1975), Bates Professor of English. It includes travel journals kept while in Europe, Mexico, Russia and other locations, as well as his critical analysis of Shakespeare.
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Robert Chute papers/Small Pond records, 1964-1997

  • Creator: Chute, Robert M. (Robert Maurice), 1926-
  • Collection ID: MC014
  • Abstract: The collection is composed of typescript drafts of the literary magazine The Small Pond, published by Cider Press, a small press operated by Bates Professor of Biology Robert Chute and his wife Virginia. Also includes copies of his newsletter and some photo collages.
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Russell H. Chapman track memorabilia, 1923-1974

  • Creator: Chapman, Russell H., 1909-1971
  • Collection ID: MC118
  • Abstract: Memorabilia including news clippings, photographs, annotated racing bibs, scrapbook and athletic record journal documenting the track and field career of Russell H. "Osie" Chapman '31.
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Ruth Rowe Wilson papers, 1936-2006

  • Creator: Wilson, Ruth Rowe
  • Collection ID: MC100
  • Abstract: The Ruth Rowe Wilson papers include clippings, a hand written copy of Wilson's thesis on Ocean Park, and correspondence with Edmund S. Muskie, Dorothy Clarke Wilson, and others.
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Shirley Nelson collection of Shiloh material, 1853-2005

  • Creator: Nelson, Shirley, 1925-
  • Collection ID: MC020
  • Abstract: Comprised of various Shiloh publications, photographs, correspondence, audio recordings, and newspaper articles and other writings related to Frank Sandford, the Shiloh religious community he founded in Durham, Maine, and the Kingdom religious philosophy he espoused. The material was collected by Shirley Nelson, whose parents Arnold and Merlyn Brackett White, grew up in the community. Some of the material in the collection was compiled by Mr. White for his book, "The Almighty and Us: the Inside Story of Shiloh, Maine."
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Stanton Bird Club records, 1918-ongoing

  • Creator: Stanton Bird Club (Lewiston, Me.)
  • Collection ID: MC056
  • Abstract: The collection is composed of a variety of material which documents the founding of the Stanton Bird Club in 1919 and chronicles its history, growth, meetings, programs and activities to the present.
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Tarbox family papers, ca. 1850s-1967

  • Creator: Tarbox family
  • Collection ID: MC113
  • Abstract: Family letters, photographs, genealogical information and other material related to the Freewill Baptist minister Moses H. Tarbox and his decendents, including Grace (Tarbox) Whitman, Bates class of 1900.
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Thomas Angell papers, ca. 1800-1940

  • Creator: Angell, Thomas
  • Collection ID: MC025
  • Abstract: Thomas Angell served as language professor at Bates College from 1869-1902. Shortly after arriving at Bates, Angell was granted a leave of absence for one year which he spent in France and Germany, devoting himself to the study of language and literature. The collection contains his diaries from January 1, 1859-July 24, 1870 in which he writes about: life as a student at Brown University; enlisting in the Rhode Island militia as aide de camp for General Tourtellotte during the Civil War; the Free Will Baptists; Lapham Institute where he served as principal; coming to Bates College; purchasing a house in Lewiston from Oren B. Cheney, Bates College's founder; the graduation of Mary Mitchell, Class of 1869, as the first female graduate of a New England college; and his travels in Europe. Also includes a scrapbook with articles about the Civil War, a photograph album containing various members of the Angell and Brown families, translations of The English echo (1869), Angell's letters as published in the Woonsocket patriot during his European trip (1869-1870), and a few miscellaneous papers, including some genealogical information.
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United States V-12 collection, 1939-2016

  • Creator:
  • Collection ID: MC055
  • Abstract: This collection is composed of material documenting the Navy College Training Program, known as V-12, located at Bates College, which trained naval officers for World War II.
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Uriah and Anne Balkam letters, 1849-1877

  • Creator: Balkam, U. (Uriah), 1812-1874
  • Collection ID: MC039
  • Abstract: Letters written between Uriah Balkam and his wife Anne while he served in the Union Army during the Civil War. Also includes some letters written after Uriah's death concerning the sale of his house and a letter from Anne to her mother written from New Orleans in 1849.
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Virginia Chute freedom school papers, 1964-1997

  • Creator: Chute, Virginia
  • Collection ID: MC117
  • Abstract: Collection includes correspondence, a journal and other papers detailing Virginia (Vicky) Chute's trip to Mississippi in the summer of 1964 to set up a freedom school and canvass for voter registration.
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Walter A. Lawrance papers, 1938-1983, undated

  • Creator: Lawrance, Walter A.
  • Collection ID: MC099
  • Abstract: The collection contains material related to Walter A. Lawrance's work as a consultant (1943-1946) and as Rivermaster (1947-1978) of the Androscoggin. Lawrance, a professor of Chemistry at Bates College, had the legal authority to control the amount of pollution discharged into the river by the three major paper mills located along it. Included are his annual studies of the river's odor and other qualities, as well as research projects aimed at limiting waste in paper production and removing pollution from the river. Some related correspondence, research and reference material are also available.
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WCSH video collection, 1989

  • Creator: WCSH-TV (Portland, Me.)
  • Collection ID: MC086
  • Abstract: A collection of videotapes containing interviews and other footage that WCSH-TV, an NBC affiliate based in Portland, Maine, recorded in the course of producing its documentary Ed Muskie: The Man from Maine, broadcast March 29, 1989. Includes interviews with Ed and Jane Muskie, Joe Biden, George Mitchell, Jimmy Carter, and others.
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Wentworth Adams family papers, 1803-1966, undated

  • Creator: Wentworth family
  • Collection ID: MC103
  • Abstract: The collection contains orginal and copies of letters of several members of the Wentworth Adams family, including: Edwin Oberlin Wentworth, an itinerant printer and Civil War soldier, to his wife Caroline (Warren) Wentworth and to his father Robert Wentworth of Buxton, Maine; Anna Wenthworth Adams, daughter of Edwin and Caroline Wentworth; and Edith and Edwin Adams, Anna's children. The collection also inlcudes a detailed history of Bates College in the 19th century written by Edwin W. Adams and genealogical material about the Adams family.
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William Hiss collection of Shiloh material, 1895-1977

  • Creator: Hiss, William C.
  • Collection ID: MC019
  • Abstract: Clippings from the Lewiston Evening Journal and other newspapers about the Kingdom religious movement and Frank Sandford the founder of the Shiloh complex in Durham, Maine which practiced this religion. The clippings were compiled by William Hiss in the course of researching his dissertation.
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William Metz papers, 1933-1937

  • Creator: Metz, William
  • Collection ID: MC122
  • Abstract: William DeWitt Metz graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Bates in 1937 with a degree in history. This collection contains written assignments and exams for various subjects; debate notes and speeches as well as programs and resource material; rank cards; assorted Bates ephemera; material concerning the Student Council and Politics Club and resource material for the Christian Association.
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