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Nikkei Placement Service in the second or third weekend of October :The Japan Society in Boston may host a job fair in Boston. If you are interested, please contact:

DISCO INC Japan Society of Boston

22 Batterymarch Street Boston, MA 02109

Renaissance Resources, Inc. is an employment agency located in Chicago, IL.  Our goal is to place clients who seek their ideal positions throughout the U.S. in mainly, but not exclusively, Japanese companies. We also place clients in companies that have the ties to Japanese businesses.

One of our specialties is interviewing candidates and matching them with the right company to maximize their career potential.  Our sales staff always contacts each company so that we can keep our job opening information current and fresh. And also, we do follow-up on each client’s interview with a company.

Remember, there is always NO COST for clients of Renaissance Resource, Inc. Our staff will introduce your skills to your dream career in an excellent professional setting!  So why wait?  Even the call is FREE!  Call us at our toll free number: 1-866-744-4686 or Email us. for more information.     Hire us to hire you!      We are ready for your call!


Sunnie Onoda(斧田 早苗)
Placement Manager
5214 W. Strong St.
Chicago, IL 60630
RR Inc