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====Please let me know about our former students, so that I can put some more stories here.


Soo-yeun Kim calls me (Ofuji) once or twice a year.  She talked with me in JPN for over one hour.  It is amazing because she graduated in 98 and she did not take any Japanese language course.  She has been studying Western Art History for her master’s degree at Washington University in St. Louis, MO.  She plans to take a Ph. D program for Japanese Art History from September, 02.   <Jan. 2002>

I (Ofuji) got a sabbatical leave in the fall of 2001 and spent the time in JPN.  I took a trip for business and fun to Kanazawa, Kyoto, Nagoya, Tokyo, and Nagasaki from 11/5 for 11 days.  I met Alec Hansen in Nagoya and Liz Purinton Izaki in Nagasaki.  I also met her husband, Mr. Yasunari Izaki.  It seems that he is a gentle man with good heart and Liz is very happy.  Both Alec and Liz continue to work in JPN until July, 2003 and intend to go to a graduate school after that.   <Jan. 2002>

■エリザベス・ピュリントンさんが8月4日にベイツチャペルで結婚しました。タマラ・バッカーさんも出席したようです。リズさんはストロング先生と大藤先生のメイルボックスにメッセージを入れていました。私たちはそれを読んでびっくりしました。リズさんに幸せになってほしいです。Elizabeth Purinton got married at Bates Chapel on August 4, 01.  She left a message in the mailbox of Strong & Ofuji sensei.  We were surprised.  Our best wishes for her happiness!   <Jan. 2002>

Heather Thompson got married on September 4, ’99, in N.H.  Strong-sensei and I (Ofuji) were invited, so we attended.  She wore a Japanese wedding kimono and looked wonderful.  <Fall, 1999>

There was a re-union weekends for the graduates ’93, but we didn’t have a chance to meet.  One week later, we (Strong, Ofuji, Barnaby, & Anna Louise) met and enjoyed chatting at Anna Louise’s house in Portland.  <Summer, 1998>