Honorand addresses and citations

Remarks by 2010 Commencement honorands and presenters

In the citation, each presenter builds the case for conferring the academic degree upon the honorand. Then, with wisdom, wit and brevity, each honorand addresses the graduates and audience.

  • Lorenzo “Rennie” Harris: his address, with citation by Trustee Geraldine FitzGerald ’75
  • James J. McCarthy: his address, with citation by Trustee Mary Henderson Pressman  ’78, P’10
  • Jane Pauley: her address, with citation by Associatie Professor of Rhetoric Stephanie Kelley-Romano
  • Elizabeth Strout ’77: her address, with citation by Trustee David L. Foster ’77
  • Teresa K. Woodruff: her address, with citation by Trustee Sarah Risley Pearson ’75