Bell, Alexandra

Alexandra K. Bell


Bates Dance Festival

Admission Director/Operations Manager

Pettigrew Hall, Room 309

image1-5Admissions Director/Operations Manager for the Bates Dance Festival


Alexandra James Bell, originally from the Portland area, is a graduate of College Chicago, where she earned her BFA in Choreography. Since graduating, she has taught and performed dance in Chicago, St. Louis, New York and Portland. While in New York, Alexandra co-founded Swift Urban Movement Project, a non-profit dedicated to promoting healthy, active and social lifestyles through arts and recreation.

While actively teaching, Alexandra is also diving back into creating by means of improvisation. Her work explores the self in relation to the Other – the terms by which we define ourselves in relationship to, against and in accordance with one another.

Alexandra travels back and forth from Portland to New York to continue teaching, performing and working actively with Swift Urban Movement Project. She is excited to be joining the Bates Dance Festival, where she has been so inspired and energized as a student in years past.

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