James, Alexandra

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Admissions Director/Operations Manager for the Bates Dance Festival, Studio Faculty

Alexandra James is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, where she earned her BFA in Choreography. She has taught and performed dance in Chicago, South Africa, St. Louis, New York and Portland, ME.

As both a soloist, and as Co-Artistic Director of dance-making duo,  s h i f t, Alexandra works by means of improvisation. Her practice is both born from, and informs the self in relationship to the surrounding environment. Growing up in Southern Maine forced her to confront her identity in the face of racism, intolerance and ignorance. Owning and discovering one’s self is a constantly emerging journey, which she investigates in her creative process. Her work explores the self in relation to the Other.

Her time at the Bates Dance Festival is marked with exploration, discovery and deep appreciation for the students and artists it serves. She is excited to continue her journey in the moments which lie ahead.

For more information, check out the Bates Dance Festival website: http://www.batesdancefestival.org/