Marita Kennedy-Castro

Studio Faculty (West African)


Pettigrew Hall, Room 208


Marita Kennedy-Castro (she/her/hers) is an embodied movement artist, dance educator and intercultural bridge-builder residing in the unceded Wabanaki territory we’ve learned to call Portland, Maine. Marita is founder of Embody the Rhythm; choreographer, performer and co-director of intercultural group, New Moon Ensemble – Dance & Drumming of Guinea, West Africa alongside musical director, Namory Keita. 

Sharing from a lifetime of dance and over twenty years of study with master West African dance and drum artists, Marita received the encouragement and blessing to teach Guinea’s traditional dance from world-renowned dance artist and cultural ambassador, Youssouf Koumbassa. She collaborates with djembefolas (master drum artists) Sayon Camara and Namory Kieta, to offer community classes, workshops and artist residencies. 

Marita believes that every body deserves access to dance and supports individuals in deepening their somatic awareness and increasing movement freedom through individualized private lessons. She is passionate about contributing to cultural preservation, taking a responsible approach to intercultural learning, building community and illuminating avenues to healing through movement as medicine. Marita completed her thesis in Dance & Performance Art for Healing & Social Change at Goddard College.

Photo credit: Liany Media LLC