Roux Institute: Winter/Spring 2024 Courses

We are now accepting applications for Bates students to register for Roux courses for W2024 — both for new-to-Roux and Roux-returning students.  Please visit this link for more information, and choose the application link that applies to you (new or returning).  The deadline for applying is Mon 27 Nov @ 11:59pm EST.

DCS is Hiring!

DCS @ Bates is searching for an open-rank tenure-stream computer science faculty position, to be appointed as a computer scientist within DCS. Apply to be part of our interdisciplinary team of faculty, and help to shape the future of computing-related education at Bates, working with wonderful Bates undergraduates who are eager to combine the study of computer science, data science, and critical studies with disciplines from across campus. Please direct any questions to the search chair (Barry Lawson: blawson@bates.edu).

Learn more details and then apply here: https://apply.interfolio.com/132379

APPROVED May 3, 2021: A Minor in DCS

The Bates faculty voted to approve a minor in DCS. Course requirements for the minor are here. Extra information appears here, including courses satisfying our content areas, as well as learning goals for each content area.

DCS News

  • Current Affairs: Student programmers simplify electricity management
    by Doug Hubley — Published on June 4, 2020 Never underestimate the power of chance encounters. Case in point: This summer, Bates is taking a big step forward in its ability to track the use of electricity on campus. And most of the credit goes to a Bates IT staffer and a handful of students…
  • Bates professor Carrie Diaz Eaton wins $300K grant to support open education
    By Emily McConville — Published on April 24, 2020 Carrie Diaz Eaton has devoted her teaching and research to breaking down barriers to education, particularly in math, science, and technology. A computational and mathematical biologist by discipline, the Bates associate professor of digital and computational studies works with colleagues worldwide to create and share open educational resources, or OER:—…
  • Bates faculty and students seek to go beyond ‘founded by abolitionists’
    By Jay Burns — Published on February 26, 2020 In April 1854, a three-masted schooner, the Kate Brigham, set sail from New Orleans loaded with 150 bales of cotton grown by slaves on Southern plantations. The cotton shipment was one of many destined for Lewiston, Maine, a small but growing mill town where entrepreneur Benjamin Bates of Boston and his fellow investors…
  • Faculty and students find low cost, versatility in open educational resources
    By Emily McConville — Published on October 24, 2019 Kirk Read’s oral French course has long had a theatrical flair. To teach lessons in vocabulary, grammar, and francophone culture, the professor of French and francophone studies conjured the fictitious Marie Malika d’Alger and created an episodic play, in French, about her life and adventures as a young Franco-Algerian woman.…
  • Students bring new analytical, visual skills to busting fake news
    By Doug Hubley — Published on March 28, 2019 Did a certain well-known news organization “gerrymander” a map of the U.S. to bolster its claim of being the most-watched? Are online translation services gender-biased? Did a prominent Midwestern university make misleading claims about its status as a producer of Fortune 500 CEOs? These are just a few of the…