Study abroad

The ES major is designed to accommodate student participation in a study abroad opportunity, and many ES majors undertake a study abroad program.

Participation in a study abroad program is subject to the approval of the Program, and there are certain obligations that must be fulfilled before approval can be granted.

General obligations that must be met for participation in a study abroad program:

  • The three required core courses (ENVR 203, 204 and 205) must be completed by the end of the junior year.
  • The four prerequisites for ENVR 417 must be completed by the end of the junior year.
  • The student, in consultation with her or his advisor, needs to provide a satisfactory plan for completion of the ES major and general education requirements. This means that the student must be making satisfactory progress toward completion of the major requirements prior to the junior year.

Duration of the study abroad program

  • Most study abroad opportunities are for one semester. For a one-semester program, it is not necessary that any of the courses relate to ES major requirements, provided there is evidence of satisfactory progress toward completion of degree requirements.
  • Only under rare circumstances may students participate in a full year or two semesters of study abroad. Students must provide a thorough written rationale to justify a full year of study abroad. It is essential that at least one semester of a full-year study abroad opportunity directly ties to the student’s ES concentration.

Counting courses toward ES major requirements:

  • All courses required for the ES core must be taken at Bates.
  • Courses can only be transferred in toward the concentration. Typically students studying abroad may transfer one course credit for the ES concentration, except in specific cases where 2 courses may be transferred with prior approval from the concentration advisor.
  • Transfer credits for the major can only be approved after completion of the study abroad program. Your concentration advisor can often provide a preliminary assessment of the appropriateness of courses prior to your participation in the program, but official approval is given only after review of actual course materials (e.g., syllabus, exams, assignments).

Requirements for final approval of study abroad:

  • Complete the official approval form from the Off-Campus Study Office. Satisfactory completion of this form requires a plan that shows the courses you will take in the remaining semesters at Bates to fulfill major and general education requirements.
  • The form must have the signature of your advisor asserting that she or he has reviewed and approved of your study abroad plans and your plans for completing degree requirements. If you are requesting approval for a full year of study abroad, your advisor must sign off on your written rationale for participation in the program.
  • Bring the completed and signed form to the program chair for final approval.

Transferring credit toward ES major requirements:

  •  After you have completed the study abroad course(s), bring course materials and two copies of the Study Abroad Office’s course transfer form to your concentration advisor for evaluation and approval.
  • Following approval of the course credit(s) by the concentration advisor, bring the two signed copies of the form to the Chair of the ES Program for final approval.  One copy of the course transfer form remains with the ES Chair and the other copy is submitted to the Registrar’s Office by the student.