Internships are available to all Bates students and ES students are encouraged to pursue one.  Environmental internships give students a chance to understand some of the complexities and unpredictable variables that accompany environmental work.  The experience also provides a way for students to test in the field some of the theories and arguments encountered in courses.

Bates has several programs which support the search, application, and funds needed to secure and complete a summer internship.

The Center for Purposeful Work assists with the development of skills and exploration of career paths.  Their internship program offers funding and opportunities  in Maine and across the country, with specific internships in the environmental field.

The  Bates Environmental Internship provides funding for environmentally focused internships.

The Harward Center for Community Partnership has summer fellowships which are available for environmental internships in the Lewiston and Auburn communities.

Multiple external websites also have search engines designed to assist with the search for environmental internships.