Study Abroad

You should begin your process by consulting the  Center for Global Education Website, considering programs that are best in tune with your academic and personal plans.

 General considerations for participation in a study abroad program:

The student, in consultation with the advisor, establishes a satisfactory plan for completion of the ES major and general education requirements.  ENVR 204, 205 and one introductory science course must be completed by the end of the junior year.

Courses taken abroad can be applied only to the concentration.  Typically students studying abroad may bring up to two course credits to the ES concentration based on prior approval from the concentration advisor.

Abroad credits toward the major are approved after completion of the study abroad program.  Your concentration advisor can often provide a preliminary assessment of the appropriateness of a course prior to your participation in the program, but official approval is given only after review of actual course materials (e.g., syllabus, exams, assignments).

Duration of the study abroad program:

Most study abroad opportunities are semester-long.  For a semester program, it is not necessary that any of the courses relate to the ES major.

Only under rare circumstances may students study abroad for a full year.  Students must provide a thorough written rationale to justify a full year abroad.  In such cases, it is essential that at least one semester directly tie to the student’s ES concentration.

Requirements for final approval of study abroad:

If you are requesting approval for a full year of study abroad, your advisor must sign off on your written rationale for participation in the program(s).

Applying credit toward ES major requirements:

The Center for Global Education’s Applying Credit at Bates page  has information for students  following completion of their semester or year abroad.

After you have completed the study abroad course(s), bring course materials and two copies of the Center for Global Education’s  major approval form to your concentration advisor for evaluation and approval.  After receiving your advisor’s approval, make sure to leave one copy of the form with the Chair of the Environmental Studies program, for their records, and forward a copy to the registrar.