The Thesis Advisor

The ES committee assigns thesis advisors. You may recommend potential thesis advisors, who should have a background in your Concentration and/or in Environmental Studies. You may request potential thesis advisors from any member of the faculty; your thesis advisor does not have to be the ES Chair, your ES Concentration Advisor, or an ES Committee member. After you have submitted your Thesis Pre-Proposal, the ES Committee will evaluate your Pre-Proposal and assign you an advisor.

Your advisor, once assigned, will guide the development of your proposal and ultimately your thesis, help you set a schedule, and choose a style manual for appropriate citation and document readability. Please note that your thesis advisor evaluates your efforts and grades your project.

Concentration Advisors

Ecology  – Holly Ewing

Ecology and Earth Systems- Holly Ewing

Ecology and Economics of the Environment- Lynne Lewis

Environment and Culture – Jane Costlow

Environment and Human Culture- Jane Costlow

Environmental Chemistry – Tom Wenzel

Environmental Economics -Lynne Lewis

Environmental Ethics – Jane Costlow/Tom Tracy

Environmental Geology – Holly Ewing

Environment in the Literary and Visual Arts – Jane Costlow

Global Environmental Politics- Sonja Pieck

Global Environment and Social Change – Sonja Pieck

Health – Holly Ewing

Regional Perspectives on Environment and Society – Jane Costlow