Philip J. Otis Endowment

Established in 1996 by a gift from Margaret V. B. and C. Angus Wurtele in loving memory of their son, Philip, Class of 1995, who died attempting to rescue an injured climber on Mt. Rainier, the Philip J. Otis Endowment is a permanent fund at Bates.

In recognition of Philip’s appreciation for the earth’s environment and the wilderness, the Otis Endowment helps to support the College’s programs in areas with an environmental focus. When this focus includes exploration of the spiritual and moral dimensions of humankind’s relationship with the environment, Philip’s interests are especially reflected.

Under the Endowment, there is an annual Philip J. Otis Lecture on environmental and/or eco-spiritual themes. This lectureship brings to the campus scholars and presenters of regional, national, and international reputations.

The Endowment also sponsors opportunities for study, exploration, and reflection by students, faculty, and other members of the College community. The Otis Program pages announce these other opportunities.