Laurie L. Baker

Visiting Assistant Professor of Digital and Computational Studies


Digital and Computational Studies

Hedge Hall, Room 312


The core of my research focuses on spatial and temporal patterns in human and biological systems, including disease spread, animal movement, and economic activities such as fishing and shipping. I use spatiotemporal modelling and other data science techniques to understand these patterns and to evaluate the impact of interventions and policy decisions.

As a data science lecturer at the Office for National Statistics and Foreign Commonwealth Development Office in the UK, I became interested in the ways novel data sources are integrated into evidence-based decision-making to address critical issues in marine biology, public health, and policy. Through this process, I have developed pedagogical and methodological approaches to equip communities with the tools to engage in data science work so that they can address issues of local importance. I am currently writing an open-source programming book, Python for R users, which teaches R users programming in Python and working with afrimapr to create open-source tools and learning resources to make data-driven maps.

You can stay up to date with my research and teaching on my personal website: