About Hackmatack Farm

Nicolas Lindholm ’86 owns and operates Hackmatack Farm, in the Down East town of Penobscot. From a total of about 50 acres of family land, much of it wooded, Lindholm plants about an acre in various vegetables and six acres in wild blueberries, an area he supplements by working other berry growers’ land. It’s a crop Lindholm expects to expand during the next few years.

Lindholm’s niche is high-end, certified-organic produce that he sells primarily at local farmers markets. The family raises livestock for their own use. Lindholm and his wife, Ruth Fiske, moved onto their land in 1996. Lindholm does carpentry work, and Fiske a couple of part-time jobs, to supplement the income from farming. They have two sons, Everett and Julian.

Here are edited excerpts from a telephone interview that staff writer Doug Hubley conducted with Lindholm in September 2008.