Academic program

Major Requirements in German. The major consists of nine courses at the 200 level or above. Required are:

1) Both of the following:
GER 233. Advanced German Language and Culture I.
GER 234. Advanced German Language and Culture II.

2) At least one course from each of the following four groups:

a) key artistic periods in the cultural history of the German-speaking countries:
GER 241. German Modernisms.
GER 251. The Age of Revolution: The German Enlightenment, Classicism, and Romantic Rebellion, 1750-1830.
GER 256. The Age of Materialism, 1830-1899.

b) specific genres of German literature:
GER 244. Staged Marriages.
GER 252. Tracing the Autobiographical: Personal Narratives in Twentieth-Century German Literature.

c) the diversity of German-speaking cultures:
GER 350. Margins and Migrations.
GER 357. Austrian Literature.
GER 358. Literature and Film of the German Democratic Republic.

d) turning points in the history of the German-speaking countries and their political and cultural legacies:
GER 264. World War I in German Culture.
GER 356. Representing Austrian Fascism.

3) One complementary course from the following list:
ENG 113. Theory of Narrative.
ENG 117. Art of the Novella.
ENG 295. Critical Theory.
EUS 200. European Conditions.
EU/GR 220. Remembering War: The Great War, Memory, and Remembrance in Europe.
EU/GR 254. Berlin and Vienna, 1900–1914.
GER s26. The Split Screen: Reconstructing National Identities in West and East German Cinema
HIST 104. Europe, 1789 to the Present.
PHIL 234. Philosophy of Language.
PHIL 272. Philosophy from Descartes to Kant.
PHIL 273. Philosophy of the Nineteenth Century.
PHIL 351. Kant.

4) GER 457 or 458. Senior Thesis. Students for whom German is the only major must register for the senior thesis. Students may choose to pass a series of comprehensive examinations in German if German is one of two majors and they complete a thesis in the other major. Students who choose the option of a comprehensive exam cannot register for GER 457 or 458, and must substitute a 200-level German course from the list above.

Pass/Fail Grading Option. Pass/fail grading may not be elected for courses applied toward the major except for 201, 202, and/or 233; nor for the minor except for 101, 102, 201, 202, and/or 233.

Minor in German. A minor requires a minimum of seven courses in German. At least one of the seven courses must involve a study of literature or culture (taught either in the language or in translation), but only one course in translation may be counted toward the minor. A student may petition to have up to three comparable courses, completed at other institutions either in the United States or abroad, apply toward the minor. Advanced Placement courses may not be applied toward the minor.