Eric Adamson (’15) on his experiences in Freiburg, Germany

Eric Adamson ’15 spent the 2013-2014 academic year in Freiburg, Germany, studying at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität (in co-operation with IES Abroad). Here are his top ten experiences in the city and the surrounding German-Swiss-French area:

10. Bar tending at a French wine and champagne bar in the Markthalle.

9. Grilling on the balcony of my dorm with my roommates.

8. Riding my bike into town along the Dreisam river everyday to get to class.

7. Playing baseball for the Freiburg Knights.

6. Interning as a high school assistant teaching in English.

5. Working at an English immersion camp in Basel, Switzerland.

4. Drinking Glühwein at the Christmas Market on a cold day between classes.

3. Wine tasting at the local wineries.

2. Riding the Straßenbahn (streetcar) to the end of each line, exploring the edges and different neighborhoods of Freiburg.

1. Biking for five days from Freiburg heading toward and across the Rhine, north through the vineyards of the Alsace region in France, and back down again to Freiburg.Hiking excursion, Basel, Switzerland. (Photo: Eric Adamson)

Bar tending at Champagner Express Markthalle Freiburg. Photo: Eric Adamson

Bar tending at Champagner Express, Markthalle Freiburg. (Photo: Eric Adamson)

Biking in Alsace, France. Photo: Eric Adamson

Biking in Alsace, France. (Photo: Eric Adamson)

Break on a walk through the Schwarzwald, Freiburg. (Photo: Eric Adamson)