IRB Policies, Forms, Templates, and Samples

These files may be useful to you if you are submitting a proposal to the IRB or developing written material for  your project. Unless otherwise indicated, all files are Microsoft Word documents (.docx).

IRB Checklist ·· Download here (PDF 39KB)

Consent form template for in-person data collection (experimental, surveys) ·· Download here

Consent form template for online surveys ·· Download here

Consent form addendum for video or audio recordings ·· Download here

Consent form template for parental consent (used when collecting data from minors)·· Download here

Be aware that these consent form templates are provided as guidelines only, and you may need to include additional items depending on the nature of your study. Feel free to edit the consent text as needed, but take care to remove the brackets, quotation marks, and highlighting before you present it to participants.

Debriefing form template ·· Download here

Debriefing form additions for research involving Bates participants where there is a chance the research may cause distress… Download here

Sample IRB Proposal ·· Download here

Policy on Incentive Payments to Human Subjects