Submitting Your Project to the IRB

Submissions to the IRB must include all of the following:

  1. COMPLETED IRB Checklist
  2. Cover sheet including the name of the project, researcher’s name and e-mail address, and advisor’s name and e-mail address (if applicable).
  3. A summary of your project in no more than 150 words. (You can review a sample IRB proposal here.)
  4. Detailed description of the procedural section of the research proposal.
  5. A reasonably complete sample of the test items, if applicable.
  6. Consent form and script for obtaining informed consent. (Consent form templates are available on our downloads page.)
  7. If applicable, script for debriefing research participants. (Debriefing is required where there is either deception or incomplete disclosure of the purpose of the study. If these do not apply, debriefing is nevertheless encouraged for the learning opportunity a debriefing provides participants.)
  8. If another institution or organization will be involved in your research, include a letter of permission to conduct research from them. (Please note that this does not replace individual consent from your participants.)

In addition, if the proposed research involves in-person data collection please be sure to also include the following COVID-19 related items:

(1) Describe why the data cannot be collected remotely.
(2) Provide an example consent form that in addition to the typical information (see #6 above) informs people that participation could increase the likelihood of exposure to COVID-19 which could put them and others at risk.
(3) Describe the procedures that are in place to minimize exposure, and why the potential benefits of your study outweigh the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Responses to these additional items are not needed for projects that involve fully online/remote data collection.

Please send an e-mail that includes all of the above as attachments to

If your research meets one of the six exemption categories and you would like formal notice from the IRB that your work is approved then you should complete the appropriate online form found here:

During the summer months (June-August) please cc the chair of the IRB on all emails to ensure your inquiry has been received.