Thesis Writer Tips

Writing a thesis this semester? Then you should know that the Thesis Writer’s Guide is choc-a-block full of veteran Bates thesis writer vetted helpful resource goodness.

Research Librarians have pulled together time tested, tips for:

  • finding examples of previously submitted honors theses–looking at these is helpful for standard thesis writers, too!
  • formatting your thesis–including some bare bones MS Word templates to get you started[footnote: Check with your advisor! They might have a different idea about thesis organization, but this will help start a conversation that gets you both on the same page!]
  • obtaining tricky sources–hint: contact a Research Librarian–we can get you almost anything!
  • citing sources using any of the alphabet soup of citation styles
  • setting up your very own thesis locker in the library
  • downloading honors thesis guidelines

Remember…Don’t Panic! Your Reference Librarians are here to help! But don’t just take our word for it…

Gretchen Flora Kaija ‘14 gives a shout out to the Research Librarians and the thesis templates in her 2014 Honors Thesis:

“Thank you to the Reference Librarians in Ladd Library for spending hours with
me reviewing citation style, formatting, footnotes, headings, etc. Thank you immensely…for creating the thesis template – it has been a lifesaver and more people
should know about it!”

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