90 Co-Class Secretaries: Margaret R. Judge, 36 Green St. 2, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130; Marjorie M. Patterson, 36 Green St. 2, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130Class PresidentKaren M. LaConte, 10 Brewster Terr., Swampscott, MA 01907-2012Next Reunion in 2000. Oguz Ersoy wrote in April: “Completed my Sc.D. degree in organic chemistry at MIT in May 1996, and after spending the summer resting at my parents’ place in Istanbul, Turkey, took a position as a research scientist at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. So far I am enjoying living here tremendously, as well as learning this exotic language and will be here for another two years at least. I will be going to Paris in May to visit Amy Kuemmerle Mazeran ’91 and her husband, Jacques. Would be happy to hear from fellow alums via e-mail:
91 Class Secretary: Pamela M. Batchelder, 350 W. 85th St., Apt. 64, New York, NY 10024Class PresidentA. Tracy Talbot Spencer, 1900 S St., SW 104, Washington, DC 20009Next Reunion in 2001. In and around New York City, Liliana Amador is performing and teaching. She appears in independent films Aphrodisiac and Pledgeallegiance. And, among many other activities, she writes and performs skits for AIDS prevention work in the Bronx…. In Washington, D.C., Carolyn Betz Kerr is assistant counsel in the General Counsel’s Office for the U.S. House of Representatives. Husband Bill is a business analyst at Freddie Mac…. Jon Child is a graduate of the geology program at Univ. of Massachusetts, as is wife Elizabeth. They live in Longmeadow…. In Boston, Michael Clarke is a C.P.A. with Deloitte and Touche…. Dan and Kim Peard Coccoluto are busy with their new daughter, Lauren…. Kim Conlin bought a house “with great views of the sunset” in September 1996. She teaches at the MacDuffie School in Springfield, Mass.: 10th-grade English, sixth-grade history, and three elective courses…. Patrick Connelly is chief of optometry at the USA Health Clinic at Fort McPherson. He is a 1996 graduate of the New England College of Optometry…. As of spring 1997, Ted Curcio was an ER resident at Boston City Hospital, but hoped to spend the summer working in Alaska “a la Joel Fleischman.” When not in the ER, Ted snowboards with Steve Katz and rock climbs with Sherri Pizzi…. Kate Faragher is finishing her law studies at the Univ. of Maine School of Law…. What was the contest that Jen Farrell won resulting in travel to Ireland?… It’s no surprise to those who caught his coffeehouses that Corey Harris has two acclaimed blues Cds out (see profile this issue)…. Michelle Hart has launched Webtrips, what she calls “the first fully animated entertainment music network on the Web. It’s MTV, except online, and it’s free.” The address is… In Carrboro, N.C., David Harvey teaches math and coaches cross country and is involved in local beekeeping. Continuing his study of Hungary and Slovenia, he plans to return to Europe to teach…. Working for World Learning in Jerusalem, Allison Hodgkins writes that “the best place for a cheap beer and a pizza is in Bethlehem.” … Kristin Johnson Bogue and husband Sean recently bought a home in Westwood, Mass…. When Paul Johnson married Sarah Miller in Iowa on April 19, on hand were Jeremy Chase, Mike Clarke, John Ducker, Greg Ehret, John Morris and Suzy Power Morris ’90, Rich ’90 and Heather Falk Nolan, David Strupp, Andy Wisdom, and Maria Kourebanas ’90. Paul and Sarah move to Minneapolis at the end of June…. Attendees at the April 25 wedding of Mary Kelly to Colby man Jim Brown included Pam Batchelder, Jennifer Farrell, Kristin Johnson Bogue, Lynn Khoury, Abigail McLaughlin, Cathy Pendergast Shay, Adrienne Shibles, and Amy Schrag. Mary and Jim head to Washington, D.C., in August…. In Los Angeles, John Lanza is vice president of Optical Entertainment, a division of Hyperion Animation. He produced Life with Louie, the number one animated show of 1995-96…. At a national meeting in Orlando, Fla., Estelle Lebeau presented some of her work. She is finishing her dissertation for her Ph.D. in chemistry at Univ. of North Carolina/Chapel Hill…. Bill Myers made his live television debut when a Naples, Fla., cable channel broadcast his spring presentation on special education to the Naples Board of Education….Gail Randolph Kisare is at Ohio State Univ. working on her M.B.A…. John and Cathy Pendergast Shaylive in Fargo, where John has a postdoctoral position at North Dakota State Univ. Cathy works at a center for people with head injuries. During the holidays they returned to New England to warm up!… Adrienne Shiblesis in graduate school at Smith…. Living in Manchester, Mass., Caroline Smalley is at the Landmark School, “teaching, living with, and learning from adolescents with dyslexia.” She also is working on her master’s in moderate special needs…. Yuki Takagaki has survived “boot camp” at U.C./Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism…. Mark Thompson and wife Carolyn are headed to Hawaii Preparatory Academy after two years at the Webb Schools in Southern California. Mark teaches U.S. history and coaches cross country and track, Carolyn teaches math and also coaches. Mark reports that Kurt Crandall visited recently, and that Kurt is at the Univ. of Kansas in a doctoral program in clinical psychology and playing harmonica for a blues band….In February, Mike and Katie Tibbetts Morello moved but remain in the Springfield (Va.) area…. Living in Cambridge, Sue Vitters works at Aigner Associates, a PR and special events firm. She is enrolled in a graphic design certificate program at Massachusetts College of Art.
92 Co-Class SecretariesClaudia W. Goldstein, 504 W. 110th St., Apt. 8A, New York, NY 10025,; Jessica P. Timmons, 136 S. Lawn, Kansas City, MO 64123Class PresidentJennifer M. Otis, 15 Blueberry Ln., Wells, ME 04090-4460Next Reunion in 2002. Living in Minneapolis, Courtney Cushing Kiernat is director of special projects at Children’s Heartlink in Edina. Husband R.B. is an M.B.A. candidate at the university…. Jill Lemon and Jason Dodson live in St. Louis, Mo. Jill is gallery director at the Center of Contemporary Art. Jason is a lawyer/litigator for Gray and Ritter there…. Aya Murata Charland is assistant dean of admissions at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass. Husband Michael Charland is an assistant trader with Eaton Vance in Boston…. A psychiatric social worker in Atlanta, Suzette Ross-Connelly is at the Georgia Mental Health Institute.Classmates in graduate school: Frederic Bernhard, finance, George Washington Univ. School of Business;Eric Halvorson, M.D., Duke; Amy Kayler, B.S./R.N., Johns Hopkins School of Nursing; Sebastian Kuelps, M.B.A., European university; Carolyn Treiss-Logan, M.S.W./J.D., Univ. of Connecticut; John MacDougall, Ph.D., anthropology, Princeton. Graduate degreesJenna Bagley, D.M.D., Tufts Dental School, May 1997; Courtney Cushing Kiernat, M.S.W., Univ. of Minnesota, 1995; Mark Freeman, Ph.D., social psychology; Karen Landry, M.D., Medical College of Pennsyvania, May 1997; Jill Lemon, M.A., art history, Univ. of Chicago, 1997; Judith Robbins, M.S.T, Harvard Divinity School, June 1996; Suzette Ross-Connelly, M.S.W., Smith College of Social Work, 1996; Jennifer Shultz, M.A.L.S., Dartmouth.
93 Class SecretaryJodi Sturgis Coppeta, 8 Willard Ave, 3rd floor, Medford, MA 02155Class PresidentAlexandra C. Messore, 7441 Wayne Av., 2A, Miami, FL 33141Next Reunion in 1999Bruce Barry‘s ceramic work was selected for the recently published book, The Best of Pottery. Ceramic artwork from 250 artists is included in the book from thousands submitted by artists from 14 countries including the United States, Japan, and Korea…. Former Peace Corps volunteer in Palau, Micronesia,Jennifer Gibson now is a program associate for the Academy for Educational Development. She sets up training sessions for professionals, nurses, and teachers from the former Soviet Union. She says her international experience was a major factor in landing her a job in community development. Jen lives in Washington, D.C., with Lyn Francoeur and Karen Gleason, and the trio attended the New England Presidential Inaugural Ball last January. Lyn works at Frederickson television and Karen is at Burson Marsteller…. Class secretary Jodi Sturgis Coppeta works at Parexal International Co. in Waltham, Mass….Bill and Kristie Stinchfield Swaney are learning Spanish in preparation for their November departure for the Dominican Republic. “I will be working there as a consular officer for the State Department, processing visas and assisting troubled or troublesome Americans,” e-mailed Bill in June. “Kristie expects to continue teaching French, or English as a second language. Any would-be visitors are welcome to contact us”… John Yuskis and Mary Orlowsky, married in May 1996, are now living in Gilbert, Ariz., where they have bought a home. “Mary works at Arizona State Univ. She earned a B.A. from Boston College in 1993, an M.S. in education from Arizona State and is pursuing a Ed.D. there (due for completion in spring 2000). I work at Intel Corp.”
94 Class SecretaryMark G. Doctoroff, 360 W. 34th St., Apt. 9H, New York, NY 10001Class PresidentSheela T. Agarwal, 135 Morrisey Blvd., Boston, MA 02107-2378Next Reunion in 1999. In March, Jean Charles was selected as a finalist for admission into the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs, a New York City-based, graduate-level, experienced-based leadership training program in public affairs…. James ’96 and Emily Jackson Sanborn live in Damariscotta, where she teaches a fifth- and sixth-grade multi-age class at Miller School in Waldoboro. James is an administrator at a home counseling agency, focusing on grant writing…. Bates welcomed Christina Wellington to the Annual Fund Office as assistant director of annual giving. She worked previously as conference assistant at Intertech Corp. in Falmouth. Earlier she had been education program coordinator for New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston. Classmates in graduate school: Lisa Manning, Ph.D., biology, Univ. of North Carolina;Chiara Mecagni, physical therapy, Univ. of Lowell; Raki K. Pai, M.D., Univ. New Mexico.
95 Class SecretaryMarjorie C. Northrop, 334 Turnpike Rd., Norwich, VT 05055Class PresidentRebecca J. Wolfe, 27 Durham St., Apt. 3, Somerville, MA 02143Next Reunion in 1999. David Adler and Cynthia Stutts live in a cabin where they get to sea kayak often. He is “urchin tending” on the coast and she is studying to be a massage therapist…. In Brookline, Mass., Anne Auerbach lives in a penthouse apartment with Peter KornBrian Roach and Leah Herzfeld. All are actively involved in rehearsing and auditioning for spots on The Real World V, coming to Boston soon…. Last summer, law student Jessica Backer provided services in immigration and family law. Currently she works for the D.A.’s office in Albany, N.Y…. Nancy Bakey teaches fourth grade at a French immersion school. She has begun work on a master’s in French, and “got close enough to touch Bootsy Collins at a Parliament show.”… In Boston on the North Side, Brad Batcheller is at an architectural sign design company as a cad designer and operator. He is also a Mac artist and creative intern at McDougall and Associates advertising agency…. Last summer, Christine Blachuta worked in an Alaskan hatchery. She now is in Alta, Wyo., where she works as a chef and baker and goes skiing…. In Manhattan, Read Burns works for Lehman Brothers, where he has started a new job in syndicate trade support, aiding the trading desk to issue new bonds…. In Boston for the past year, Becky Burwell has been doing psychiatry research at Mass General…. Having finished her paramedic course, Kate Drummond was ski patrolling at Attitash. She is trying to decide between medical school and physician’s assistant school…. Brian Eckblom spent last summer in Wells as a police officer. Currently he works in the family business in Connecticut, but is still on the reserve force in Wells…. After graduation, Benjamin Embry was an editorial assistant for The New Times, an alternative weekly newspaper in Kansas City. Ben and Ingerline Voosen have moved to Korea to teach English as a second language….Julie Evans is a case manager at Shelter Plus Care in Cambridge, a Harvard-affiliated organization…. AfterJulia Flanagan worked for an executive search firm for a year, she quit and traveled to Italy. Now back in Boston, she is looking for her “dream job” and thinking about grad school…. In Salem, Mass., Kirsten Geiselis looking for work in physical therapy and applying to grad school in that field…. Bayne Gibby works in Louisville, Ky., where she appeared in A Christmas Carol that ran from Thanksgiving through the New Year…. After an adventurous year of waiting tables and traveling all over the West, Amy Haas is now in grad school studying biochemistry…. Jessie Hild has been living and working in New York City. She took her LSAT, and planned to move to Boston this summer and apply to law school…. As part of her master’s studies,Amanda Hosmer is interning at Westborough (Mass.) State Hospital. She also is a volunteer at the Woman’s Independence Network…. For the past 16 months, Heather Josselyn has been in the Peace Corps in Artem, Russia, teaching English to college-age students. Last fall, Matt Cranston visited her and they toured St. Petersburg…. In Boston, law student Nisha Koshy lives with Beth Lurvey in a Beacon Hill apartment…. Working at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Pat Leroy decided to continue with medical school plans, looking forward to the day he is “Dr. Leroy.”… At Camp Kieve, Jess Macomber works at the Leadership Institute, an experiential outdoor education program. Elliott Cummings also works there…. Scott Marchildonis assistant director of alumni relations at the College. He lives in Auburn with classmates Alex Godomsky, who works for Central Maine Orthopaedics as an athletic trainer, and Gene McCabe, teaching at Oak Hill High School and coaching football and lacrosse…. At Casco Bay WeeklyZoe Miller is the listing editor and staff writer. She still publishes her zine, Girlie Jones, with Colleen Sumner, which covers art, politics and lives of young women…. In sunny California, for the second year Becky Morgan works at an outdoor school teaching sixth graders. This year she also is responsible for the school’s museum and raptor center…. Law student Russell Morris says he has “no time to breathe.”… Deb Nowak works at Brookline (Mass.) High School as an employment specialist and at the Alternative Home as a relief mental-health counselor…. Living near Burlington, Vt., Robin Postman works on a horse farm while waiting to hear from vet school….Meredith Reed is teacher, coach, and a dorm parent at a small private high school in western Massachusetts….Billy Rush teaches at The Gunnery, a boarding school in Washington, Conn., while saving to buy a bike….John Ryan moved out West soon after graduation, did some international travel, and spent some time in the San Francisco Bay area near a clan of other Bates alums…. In Trumbull, Conn., Dan Sachs is at Oxford Health Plans in the network services department, where he works on various projects that promote the use of electronic transactions (EDI)…. Margaret Schroeder is “dodging bullets and knives in West Philadelphia” in her second year of the Family Nurse Practitioner program at the Univ. of Pennsylvania…. At Princeton, Jim Scully is affiliated with the Office of Population Research. Last spring he passed his first set of generals and qualifiers for his Ph.D…. In Washington, D.C., Katie Segal has worked for the Senate Judiciary Committee for over a year and loves it. She lives with Valerie Borden who works for the Assn. of Youth Museums, a nonprofit umbrella organization for all children’s museums…. Justin Shein and Erica Fish, married last November, work for American Management Systems on a child support enforcement system…. Spending last winter in Boulder, Colo., with her sister, Trisha Shepard planned to drive the VW van back to the Vineyard, and hoped to attend “the School” at the Art Institute of Chicago…. Brian Soifer is a securities trader with Fidelity Investments. He and Julie Evans live in Brighton, Mass…. Amy Starer finished a fall program at SALT in Portland and, along with job hunting, she taught skiing in Vermont. Amy is the proud co-owner of a new puppy, Kodiak…. In Chicago, Quoc Tran works at Zurich Kemper Investment as an associate analyst…. In Cambridge, Mass., Jason Verner is a research analyst at Analysis Group Economics…. Tori Welch lives in Pueblo, Colo., at the American Language Academy teaching English to international students and coordinating the homestay program…. Jeff Wilson works in London as an assistant to a free-lance producer. He has had great travels to Paris and back and sees classmate Ji-mi Lee in London as well….. David ’93 andJulie Cate-Wisniewski live in Indiana, where she works at Purdue as a research assistant in biology….Caroline Wood is back in New England living in the Boston area. She had been a paralegal in New York City and lived in Hoboken, N.J., for a year after graduation…. Rebecca Wood has moved to Boston withMiye Ogata and w
orks with emotionally disturbed children in the Boston public school system…. Todd Yorkteaches English as a second language in Indonesia. Previously he had taught English in Korea. Classmates in graduate schoolJessica Backer, Albany Law School; Scott Demartino, J.D., Washington and Lee, corporate law; Melissa Donegan, Ph.D., English literature, Univ. of Iowa; Claudia Dumond, M.A., urban/child welfare policy, Milan School of Social Research; Markos Emanuel, M.D., Univ. of Crete, Greece; Richard Epstein, Ph.D., psychology, Univ. of Chicago; Amanda Hosmer, M.S.W., Smith College of Social Work; Nisha Koshy, Jus.D., Northeastern School of Law; Russell Morris, J.D., Univ. of Mich.;Jim Scully, Ph.D, economics, Princeton; Alicia Touhey, M.S., kinesiology, Univ. New Hampshire.
96 Class SecretaryFaham M. Rashid, 99 Brattle St., Lawrence 308, Cambridge, MA 02138Class PresidentNatasha G. Heath, PO Box 775827, Steamboat Springs, CO 80477-5828Next Reunion in 2002. Shara Alpern passed the general securities exam. “I get to keep my job at Fidelity Investments in Merrimack, N.H.! Being in roughly the Boston area I’ve seen Kathleen Snyder, Hilary Shields, and a few other classmates on a semiregular basis.”… Jessica Anthony, Julie MacGregor, andChris Tiné survived their 1996 summers in Boston, St. Paul, and Portland, respectively, and in November 1996 moved to San Francisco. Jessica was working for DLA Financial, a firm that provides financial services and strategies for Native American tribes and nations. Julie was slinging drinks behind the bar of Mayor Willie Brown’s favorite cocktail establishment. Chris just couldn’t stop debating (although he really has tried), joining the National Debating Team for a tour of Great Britain last winter…. Gregory Arata writes: “Never thought I’d say it, but a Maine winter is a wimpy cough from God compared to Minnesota. It would be easier adjusting to the real world if I could venture out in it. An employed actor at the Children’s Theater Company in Minneapolis, I’ve played a cathedral and a ballroom dancer. I am currently working on an adaptation of Don Quixote and still paying my dues. However, this time I have speaking lines: seven. I will probably stick it out till the sun returns, when I’ll go back to work for the St. Paul Saints baseball club, as an usher. Have been living with Jon Drury and Casey Oppenheim ’97. Both keep on keepin’ on.”… Amanda Barney is living in Framingham, Mass., and working for Brandeis Univ.’s Heller Graduate School of Social Welfare….Christoph Berenbroick is in Szolnok, Hungary, teaching English to elementary school students. He planned to return to the U.S. at the end of June 1997…. Hedinn (Jacko) Bjornsson will graduate from Boston Univ. with a master’s degree in psychology…. Scott Bourn is working for a computer consulting firm, AMS. “We are computerizing the Defense Dental System. Within the next couple of months we will be installing our system in the military bases around the country.”… Kathleen Bowes is living in Orono in the winter, studying at UMO. She can be reached during summer months in Bar Harbor (PO Box 6031, Bar Harbor, ME 04609) working as a kayak guide…. David Brennan is working at the Institute of International Sport. He served as director of National Sportsmanship Day, celebrated on March 4, 1997, in more than 7,500 elementary, middle and high schools, as well as colleges and universities in all 50 states and more than 60 countries. “Rhode Island is a lot of fun. I live five minutes from Newport, which has some great restaurants and bars and the Narragansett beach is only 15 minutes away.”… Paige Brown has been working at Tucker Anthony in the equity research department in Boston along with several other Batesies…. Tracy Brown is working as a laboratory technician at Pfizer Inc., a pharmaceutical company that’s based in New York with central research facilities are in Groton, Conn. “Have been working at their molecular sciences department since mid-June, and enjoying it quite a bit.”… Allie Bruch writes: “I’m at Vassar College assisting in field hockey and lacrosse and am the head diving coach. I’m very much enjoying a leisurely life, though work hard when practice rolls around. It’s interesting experiencing another college campus: the students are great and my friends down here are primarily from teams. It’s good to be continuing in athletics, but I’m looking to go West next year, maybe for art school.”… Elizabeth Cashin writes: “I am working in Missoula, Mont., where with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. I work part time at a battered women’s shelter.”… Katherine Charlston was working at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center doing research pertaining to different immunotherapy and chemotherapy clinical trials before starting graduate school at NYU in biology in January 1997. “Ann Reilly is working as a paralegal and Mary Moss is teaching high school in Manhattan as well. It is great to have my past Bates roommates with me in Manhattan!”… Allison Colbath is a tour operator, Bennett Tours, in New York City. “We manage and assemble package tours to Scandinavia and parts of Europe. I’ve been working there since graduation. I live with my cat Cthultu in Queens.”… Kyle Darling is teaching at the Environmental Education School in Springville, Calif., until June 1997…. Melanie Donahue writes: “Working as a database analyst at Harte-Hanks Data Technologies in Billerica, MA, and thinking about graduate school in a couple of years for Mathematics Education.”… Darin Edler began working with General Electric’s two-year financial management program, where I change jobs every six months and take classes at the same time.”… Sarah Farag is teaching eight-grade social studies in Union, Maine. Coached girls’ soccer…. Randy Fernandezbegan law school at the Shephard Broad Law Center at Nova Southeastern Univ. last fall. “It has been a difficult beginning, but I have managed. I began this January as an assistant coach for the women’s varsity tennis team. Other than that, it has been a life of studying, trying to get through my first year.”… Ben Godinsays he’s “not doing a whole lot, really. I’m currently working as an admissions counselor at Stonehill College, a small, liberal-arts college in Easton, Mass.”… Loren Hayes is studying at the department of zoology at Michigan State University in a Ph.D. program…. Chris Holmes is in his fourth month as an admissions officer at Boston Univ. “Trying not to lose my sanity as applications come flooding in; we get about 26,000 per year. I miss Bates a lot, but thankfully the entire Class of 1996 has moved to the general Boston area, who knew our Boston envy was so extreme.”… Meg Hopper is attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Pasadena, Calif. “AADA is a highly competitive advanced study program for actors. I will be earning an A.A. in acting, by improving my skills in subjects like dance, acting, fencing, makeup, and acting for the camera. AADA boasts such famous alumni as Robert Redford, Kirk Douglas, Danny DeVito, and many others.”…Tarik Jawaid has moved back to Pakistan…. Tom Keller writes: “I took a solo journey around Europe in July, August, and September 1996. I am working in a Minneapolis in a group home as a counselor for persons with birth defects. I intend to move to San Francisco with Ethan Weker, where I intend to work for some time in psychology and enter graduate school for clinical psychology.”… Jodi Kopke is working at the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless as a program staff. “I was recently named head coach of the Colorado Univ.’s women’s lacrosse team.”…. Jennifer Lacher writes: “So much for going back to South Dakota after graduation! I’ve got a fantastic job teaching English and journalism at Wells High School. Looks like all those late night/early morning hours in The Student office paid off. I wouldn’t have gotten the job without my journalism experience.”… Alexander Lassen is enrolled in the New York Studio School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture on West 8th Street, Manhattan. “I intend to remain at studio school for a semester and then enter a two- to three-year M.F.A. program at either Yale, Parsons, or Chicago Art Institute in September 1997.”…Jennifer Lucas writes: “After an adventurous fall driving cross-country and back, I finally got an apartment with classmate Amy Geller. Have
n’t quite grasped that job thing, though.”… Cara Malarek is attending graduate school at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service in NYC. She’ll graduate in May 1998 with a master’s in social work…. Kate Martin writes: “I’ve been working at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum since October 1996 in the special events department. Somehow landed the job of special events coordinator and am loving it. I see quite a few Batesies regularly: Owen Nichols, Clovis Young, Mike Pavlic, Mike Maccaro, Beth Sawyer, Jane Milkey…. Patrick McCormick is in a master’s in public health program at Boston Univ…. Living happily in Maine, Sarah McKnight is nearing the end of her retail management training with Hannaford Bros. (Shop ‘N Save food retailers). She loves her job and is learning a lot…. Chris Merritt is working at the Boulder (Colo.) Shelter for the Homeless with classmates Jodi Kopke, Jessica Sutton and Jack Caughey. “Planning to hike the Appalachian Trial with Ellen Mahoney starting in April 1997.”… Nancy Monahan is pursuing a graduate degree in nursing as a pediatric nurse practitioner at Regis College.”… Teri Page is living on Catalina Island, off the coast of Los Angeles, working at a marine institute where I teach fourth to twelfth graders all about marine ecology. The bulk of my job consists of snorkeling — not bad!… Phyllis Paparazzo has been working as a corporate paralegal at a Boston area law firm called Testa, Hurwitz & Thibeault, LLP. I’ve been participating in Bates’s Alumni-in Admissions program by interviewing local Massachusetts students. Also, I’ve been attending and planning Boston Bates Club events. I’ve been taking some business courses at the Harvard Extension School.”… Sara Pasko has been working as the program assistant for the International Migration Program at the Social Science Research Council in NYC since May 1996. “I will begin a certificate program (part time) at Parsons School of Design, specializing in interior design, at the end of January.”… Marko Radosavljevic is in graduate school in physics at Pennsylvania. “One semester down, seven to 10 more to go to Ph.D.”… Shilpa Rajagopalan writes: “I am working for the South Florida Water Management District, located in sunny West Palm Beach. I work specifically in the Everglades Systems Research Division, which consists of a team of about 14 field scientists. We spend half our time out in the Everglades collecting water and soil samples, data which is then analyzed in the lab. I am also conducting my own research project. The great thing about the job is that I frequently get to travel by helicopter, swamp buggies, and airboats. Occasionally, I get to drive airboats too. The wildlife out there is just spectacular. One can see up to 30 gators on a good day. Although I really miss the Maine winters, it is pretty hard to pass up a job like this!”… Barbara Raths spent summer and fall of 1996 managing a campaign for the Maine Senate. She is currently working as a legislative aide at the Democratic Senate Majority Office in Augusta. “I nostalgically wave at the Lewiston Exit on I-95 on my daily commute to work.”… Melissa Roan is working at Penn State. “I am doing graduate study in material science and engineering with a concentration in fuel science (Ph.D.).”… Matt Robinson writes: “Going to SUNY Institute of Technology at Utica/Rome for master’s in computer science. Homepage:”… Dave Rosenberg writes: “I am pursuing a master’s degree in special education at the Univ. of Florida. I also spent the fall coaching freshman football at Gainesville High School, a very successful experience that I really enjoyed. Beyond that, I’m just enjoying the weather.”…Jessica Sutton writes: “I am living with four other Batesies from ’96: Jack Caughey, Pete Mason, Weslie Byers and Jennifer Ezzy. Jack and I are working at the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless. Pete and Jenn are working at the Harvest (a vegetarian restaurant) and Weslie is working at a day-care center…. Greg Stoneswrites: “Every weekend I watch “Superman” on the Kids WB Network. Its very good.”… Joshua Tursewrites: “After graduation I went home to Hawaii for about three weeks, then it was off to Holland for two and Scotland for one. I highly recommend Holland to the Class of ’96. We chartered a luxury cruiser and cruised the canals. Holland is very quaint and modern at the same time. Scotland was a lot of fun, but we mainly did the typical tourist things: St. Andrews golf course, Edinburgh Castle, etc. Upon returning to the United States, I found a job as research technician at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, then began working for a company called Magainin Pharmaceuticals, a small biotech. I’m excited to be their 64th employee!”…Rachel Van Houten recently returned from a six-week backpacking trip in Ireland…. Beth Whitten spent the summer of 1996 in NYC working at Sotheby’s, “but found that big-city life wasn’t for me. So in September I found a position at the Cleveland Museum of Art as a curatorial assistant in the ancient and medieval art departments. I am having a great time in the Midwest! My initial idea of Cleveland was that it would be a dirty, industrial city. I was so wrong; it’s really beautiful here.”… Julie Wyman has been teaching tropical marine and land ecology in the Florida Keys since September 1996. “‘Tis not a bad existence.”… Clovis Young is working for Fortis Investors in Boston and living with Mike Maccaro, Mike Pavlic. Things are going well.”
97 Class SecretarySharleen J. Davis., PO Box 1327, Burlington, MA 01803Class PresidentLawrence L. Ackerman, 27 Country Way, Taunton, MA 02780Next Reunion in 2002.