22 Elva Perry Gill celebrated her 96th birthday last November in her villa at the retirement center where she lives in Snellville, Ga. She said the whole congregation clapped when she attended church at 8 a.m. She enjoyed lunch with her grandson and his wife, and son Harold and his wife provided the cake and ice cream. She says she manages to stay quite healthy, no medications or vitamins: “How’s this!”
23 Class PresidentRobert G. Wade Sr., 448 Lake St., Auburn, ME 04210
25 Class SecretaryKenneth Conner, 15 Weaver St., Auburn, ME 04210-4626Class PresidentMeredith F. Burrill, 5204 Westwood Dr., Bethesda, MD 20816-1839
26 Class SecretaryWilma Carll Rollins, 13 Emerson St., Sanford, ME 04073-3903
27 Class SecretaryGrace Hussey Johnson, 37 Highland Ave., South Berwick, ME 03908-1212
28 Class SecretaryClara Parnell Cole, 9 Bedell St., Portland, ME 04103-1705
29 Class SecretaryErma Tetley Morton, 640 White’s Bridge Rd., Standish, ME 04084-5307