21 Crete Carll Tracy, who lives at Pleasant View Center in Concord, N.H., turned 99 on Sept. 9, 1999 (9/9/99) and celebrated the occasion with a special luncheon in Bedford, N.H., with family and friends, getting her picture in the Manchester Union Leader in the process.
22 Lola Mitchell Sigel is now living in Wales, Maine, and is very active and well, only hindered by poor eyesight. A lifetime educator, she continues to attend retired teachers functions, church, and activities with her family, including swimming in cold Tacoma Lake in Litchfield during the summer. She enjoyed attending two grandchildren’s weddings in 1998, including the wedding of Donna Waterman ’98 to Troy Douglass.
23 Class President: Robert G. Wade, Schooner Estates, 200 Stetson Rd., Auburn, ME 04210
25 Class Secretary: Kenneth Conner, 15 Weaver St., Auburn, ME 04210-4626
27 Class Secretary: Grace Hussey Johnson, 37 Highland Ave. South Berwick, ME 03908-1212
29 Class Secretary: Erma Tetley Morton, 640 White’s Bridge Rd., Standish, ME 04084-5307Honorary Class President: W. Howard Bull, Apt. 3309, 8140 Township Line Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46260-5307At the renovation and renewal of Wavus Camps, Damariscotta Lake, in Jefferson, one restored building was dedicated to“Zeke” Jewell, who was counselor and riding instructor for more than 50 years. Honorary class president Howard Bullworked there for two summers along with now-deceased classmates Paul Chesley, Max Wakely ’28, and Stan Fisher ’30. Zeke said he’d like to go, even though it would take a mattress and a wheelchair…. At the 50th annual meeting of the Hoosier Bates Club, Scott Steinberg ’86, then director of alumni relations, brought the club up to date on campus affairs and presented cutout images of Hathorn Hall, the first campus building, to Harold ’30 and Mildred Tourtillott Richardson ’30 and Howard Bull, founders of the Hoosier Club…. Cindy, daughter of Lucy Lundell Billings, wrote that “Lundy” has four new great-grandchildren, one of whom has “Lundell” for her middle name. Her granddaughter, Sharon Saltzgiver Wright ’83, has written Getting Started in Bonds, available at Barnes and Noble and other bookstores last April…. Doris David Brookes writes, “I am in good health at 92, still interested in learning all that I can. I am in a wheelchair, use a walker, enjoy cassette books for the blind, and still ask a lot of questions. It would please me to share with you the finding of some pleistocene shells on Higgins Beach after a severe storm in 1978. They were carbon-14-dated by Gary Hayes at the Augusta Museum and are in the care of the museum. Others are in the Scarborough Library in a display case.”… Charles, son of Mary Briggs Ridley, says she would love to hear from classmates at 41 Pleasant St., Auburn, ME 04210…. Alton andPhyllis Misener Scott are back in Vermont and looked forward to a visit from Libby Goldman last summer…. We send our sympathy to Winnie Sanders whose sister, Helen Sanders Norrby, died Sept. 29…. Class secretary Erma Tetley Morton and husband Hugh say “thanks” for all the greetings on his 90th birthday. Also, Tet reported that brother Wendell was honored by his Masonic Lodge and visited his son, Vernon, on Cape Cod for several days.