80 Class Secretary: Elizabeth Holmes Bradley, 90 Bardwell St., Lewiston, ME 04240-6006Class President: Christine Tegeler Beneman, 105 Spurwink Rd.,Scarborough, ME 04074 e-mail 7394605@mcimail.com

Next Reunion in 2000. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu Primarily at home now with Kyle and Colby, Donna Anderson left her job at Children’s Home Society and has started a small private therapy practice. Living in central Washington State, she and Chris and the boys enjoy outdoor sports and took a fall trip to Alaska in 1998…. Still in San Diego County, Sheryl and Paul Barrett work for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as endangered species biologists. He coordinates listing and recovery of endangered species in the San Diego area, in cities, and portions of San Bernadino County. They have done a lot of sea kayaking and in November 1998 spent a month in Peru’s Amazon basin and up in the Andes. (“Don’t go from sea level to 12,000 feet in one day!”) Recently he returned from canoeing the Rio Yaqui in eastern Sonora, Mexico, to help a friend census for bald eagles…. Anne Cassidy Callahan is settled in West Windsor, Vt., where she runs the after-school program for the local elementary school. Last year she was a special ed assistant in Windsor…. For 10 years Dave Covill has worked at Enron Oil &;Gas Co. in Denver, one of America’s largest natural gas producers. He does reservoir and production engineering for the company’s operations in California. Dave also co-authored a Colorado hiking guidebook, published May 1999…. Jane Cowperthwaite reports many changes in her life. Until 1997 she was at home as a full-time mom for Joanna (15), Michelle (12), and Laura (9). She then returned to a job she had earlier and is a brokerage manager in a Boston insurance agency and achieved a long-term goal passing necessary exams so she can sell mutual funds, variable annuities, and variable life products. She continues as a Girl Scout leader, chauffeur, and house putterer…. Tim Dewey writes: “After two years off in Ireland for good behavior, Jane and I are back in England living in a lovely 15th century village, Thaxted. I’m still working in the drinks industry, running UDV’s Global Brand Innovation Center. Jane spends time chasing after Jessica (6) and Phillippa (2), trying to keep sane through gardening, a very big UK pastime…. Rachel Fine Moore has moved to a wonderful old house in a gorgeous country town in western Massachusetts. She still works in planned giving at Smith College and volunteers for the local Red Cross chapter in her “spare” time…. Debbie Gage Suzuki is a stay-at-home Mom with twins Becky and Sarah (5), who entered kindergarten last August. Debbie ran her first marathon in Chicago last fall, loved it, and was training for Twin Cities Marathon in August. Steve plays lots of music in a jazz band and they are very involved in their little Unitarian church and with major home improvements…. Chris Gammons has been promoted to associate professor at Montana Technical Univ., where he is in the Department of Geological Engineering. His geologist wife, Colleen Elliott, teaches part time in his department. Like so many other classmates, they spend a lot of spare time fixing up an old house, trying to get vegetables to grow on the Continental Divide with a growing season of 100 days, and skiing and fishing with daughters Robin (2) and Maggie (1)….Dave and Lizette Panet-Raymond Greaves ’81 plan to attend Reunion. Lizette returned to campus for Marcy Plavin’s 30th Modern Dance reunion and had a great time. Dave is still in the software business, and Lizette is at home with boys, 8 and 11…. Here’s the short list since 1980 from Michael Greene: married Carol Havens that summer; worked for Thomas Moser cabinet makers for two years making Windsor chairs; earned an M.Div. at Gordon-Conwell Seminary in 1987, concurrently working with another furniture maker; was pastor of a Congregational Church near Concord, Mass., for 4 1/2 years; and now on the campus ministry staff of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, serving at Connecicut College and Wesleyan Univ. Last summer he led an InterVarsity project to China with two weeks in Beijing and four at a university in inner Mongolia. Seven students traveled with his family of four and studied Chinese history through home schooling with Carol. He continues to supplement the campus ministry with his company, Michael Greene Fine Woodworking…. Dan Griffin is editor of The Derry News, New Hampshire’s longest non-daily newspaper, published Tuesdays and Fridays. The paper recently was recognized as the best non-daily in its circulation category (11,000 in Derry and Londonderry) by the New England Press Assn. Dan and Beth (Thompson ’81) are parents of Johanna (11), identical twins Andrew and James (7). Dan’s mother also lives with them in their extended family…. Mark Hurvitt is still principal at Stonington Elementary School on Deer Isle. “I’m coming to the 20th! However, who wants to hear Livingston Taylor? I was thinking about The Clash.”… At Yale Jeff Kenney still teaches the wonders of the universe to future lawyers and politicians. He also plans to come to Reunion…. Cathie Kimball is in her sixth and final year as chief of staff at Inland Hospital with her practice going well. Daughter Kelsie (8) is so much fun. Alan is still busy at CMP. They scuba dive – Grand Cayman a favorite spot – and they bike and hoped to try kayaking; they also enjoy flower and vegetable gardening….Joyce Kornetsky Groemmer says, “Self-employed now in addition to providing other marketing services to clients.” She and Peter still own Pizza Shop, and 7-year-old Emily just performed her fifth annual dance recital…. Cindy Lohman-Oota is in Boston for a year while husband Hiro is a visiting professor at Harvard’s East Asian Legal Studies Program. “Great to be back in Boston after so many years in Japan, where I worked as a lawyer doing international corporate work and trying to adapt to a very different culture.”… Alyson Patch reports that for 16 years she has been a fourth- and sixth-grade teacher. “Very rewarding personally and fun!” She and her partner have two children, Eliza (2) and Andre (5), who will attend kindergarten where Alyson teaches. “That will add a whole new perspective to parent-teacher conferences.” They live in a very comfortable home in the woods that she built 10 years ago with the help of friends. Twice a year she gets togther with Allyson Anderson Sterling ’79, Mary Raftery ’79, Laurie Croot, Sue Doliner ’81, and MC McNeill ’81. She golfs weekly with Susan Howard ’79…. Susan Pierce Gorman writes, “Life is busy with all of the usual at-home-mom” stuff, driving all over the map, school and after-school activities, and doctor visits. Happily the heart disesase of Annie, our oldest child, has been relatively stable. She is learning how to eat without a feeding tube and entered kindergarten with Meggie in the fall. Brother Jack (2 1/2) is in constant motion.” Sue and George sneak in a little bit of gardening and an occasional visit with friends and family. “Couldn’t be happier.”… Rod Proust sent a hilarious newsletter, something about a 17-day cross-country trip through 14 states, chasing tornadoes, monsoons, and so on….David P. Schluckebier sent a business card indicating that he is an assistant legislative counsel for the Palau National Congress. “The news is that I’m looking for a Pacific blue marlin. Fishing tips gratefully accepted.”… Vin Skinner is starting a business, caring for their 12-year old, and doing some construction. They saw the Weaver/Duncansons recently and the Kistenmachers. While in school for nine months in Minnesota, Vin visited with Anna Schroder and her family….Lisa Stifler teaches high school English and still commutes from
Ossining, with breathtaking views of the Hudson River and nice sunrises. “Our three children are a delight and keep us on the run.” Husband Ray O’Hanlon’s book, The New Irish Americans, received a Washington Irving award for non-fiction…. At home with four children, Alicia Tierney Guineehad a two-year hiatus from work and “just getting over the 40-year-old hurdle.”… After a year of non-golf, Dave Trull now works at the Ferncroft Country Club in Middleton, Mass. Earlier he had sold his interest in Trull Brook Golf Course and moved to the North Shore. He and wife Joann Coppola, whom he married New Year’s Eve 1998, enjoy living in quiet Rowley. Kids Jeff (13), Allyson and Ashley (11) do well in school and enjoy visiting them bi-weekly…. Benjamin Weinberg has taught special ed in two elementary schools near Belfast for three years. He finally graduated from Lesley College – it just took 20 years! He and Claire have been married for 16 years. Daughter Carly is in ninth grade. “We decided to pursue teaching positions in international schools and, in February 1998, accepted positions at the American International School of Johannesburg, South Africa (AISJ), leaving in late July for a two-year stint. We get air fare back annually so we’ll be out on Gotts Island each summer…. Kim Wettlaufer, owner of four Subway Sandwich and Salad Shops, also is a journalist for the Lewiston Sun Jounral. He regularly visits Bates treasurer emeritus Norman E. Ross ’22at Russell Park Manor….In his third year with Time Warner Cable of Maine, Bob Whytock (bwhytock@twmaine.com) is in his third year providing business-to-business Internet solutions in the Greater Portland area with Time Warner Cable of Maine. “Kathryn E. Smith of Simsbury, Conn. (a graduate of Westbrook College, and a recent past president of their alumni association) and I were married in 1993 and we have two beautiful daughters, Holly Ann (4) and Elizabeth Kate (2). We live in a wonderful 1930s California bungalow in a great neighborhood in Freeport.”
81 Class Secretary: Ellen True DiCerbo, 28 Clive St., Worcester, MA 01603-2152 e-mailedicerbo@ecs.ultranet.com

Class President: Craig E. Comins, 37 Fearing Rd., Hingham, MA 02043 e-mail fundr@specialolympicsma.org

Next Reunion in 2000. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu Cheryl Andrews “took the plunge and ran for an open seat on our town’s board of selectmen…and won!”…. Kathy Baker Lovell has lived in Chester County, Pa., since 1995, a very rural area but only an hour from Philly. Being an at-home mom to two boys keeps her busy, as do the YMCA babysitting co-op, library fund raising, and church and community activities…. Living in Audubon, N.J., for the past decade, this year “Mellen” Biggs and husband Mike Robinson ’80 celebrated their 15th anniversary. She works at a local high school as a sign language interpreter. Mike is a research scientist at the Univ. of Pennsylvania. The kids, Will (10) and Ben (8) are “into” baseball, soccer, and basketball…. In 1990 Jane Boatner received her master’s in TEOSL and spent a year each in Korea and Indonesia. Back in the United States since 1993, she taught ESL for three years for Orono Adult Education. Her husband teaches at UMO. In the fall of 1997 Jane opened Maple Garden, a Waldorf-inspired home pre-school kindergarten…. Melissa Bonney Kane is at home with Janice (9), Michael (7), and 2-year-old Jennifer, trying to keep her mind as active as her children….. Working for the City of Portland keeps Donna Carrier Katsiaficas busy. Her oldest is in middle school and “I”m worrying about college expenses already.” Other children are 8 and 4…. Kum-Lok Chia is on his own as an independent software developer. He still works in corporate America, but hopes to exercise more control of his own destiny. Last January he and Nancy (Williams ’80) moved into the roomy house they built for their large family. Their ninth child, Soon-Soon Sterling, was born at home with a couple of midwives in attendance. “That was an exquisite experience – I highly recommend home births.”…Craig Comins writes, “After a few years of living in Vacationland and working in the cozy confines of Bates College, we are situated in Hingham, which at times seems like Bates South.” Craig is vice president of marketing and development at Special Olympics Massachusetts. “It’s a blast, and truly a life-changing experience…. After 17 years, Steve Dillman has left CIGNA Healthcare and now works for AEA International as vice president of sales for North and South America, based out of Washington, D.C…. Bill Entwislepractices law in Ellsworth and Margot works at home with the kids: Sam, fourth grade, Noah, kindergarten, and baby William, born on the heels of the January 1998 ice storm….Brad Fenn, married with daughters 8 and 5, works at Chase Manhattan Bank in Lowell, Mass., as technical manager in software development. The Fenns live in a house “with white picket fence.” He coaches kids’ softball, does triathlons, and ran in the Boston Marathon for the first time at age 40…. Paul Fons, a senior researcher in one of the largest Japanese national laboratories, does research on optoelectronic materials. As head of the X-ray high resolution facility, he also analyzes strange new materials that are not intended for optoelectronic purposes (e.g. superconductors). “Besides work and studying Japanese, Chicko and I just bought a house here, so I hope the economy improves eventually. On weekends we go hiking in our Land Cruiser with our little boy.”… Living in Neptune, N.J., for the past 10 years, Richard Gardner is the director of gas supply at New Jersey Natural Gas. Married 16 years, he is dad of a son (5) and daughter (3)…. Three years ago the Sam Hardys moved to Hollis, N.H., a quiet town next to Nashua. Wife Meg teaches third grade in Hollis. Last year Digital sold Sam’s job off to BEA Systems, which has been great…. Brent Harwood’s big news is the arrival of daughter Olivia Rose to join brothers Zack (11) and Tyler (7)…. In her last year as Alumni Council president, Nancy Higgins was kept “very, very busy.” Serving as council president was a “wonderful way to stay connected to Bates, meet some terrific alumni, and help to move alumni programming in a positive and creative manner.” Her “other job” is as sales associate at Donalson, Lufken &;Jenrette in Boston, where she has been for five years. Her tennis league team made it to the district championship last summer, an experience that confirmed she should keep her regular job!… Brian Hughes recently moved from Hawaii to Arlington, Va., and enjoys being back on the mainland after an eight-year absence…. Rob and Judy Dolan Jobrack and their four boys still live in Fredericksburg, Va. Bob works with a small firm that provides engineering and information technology services. Most of their time is spent with Cub Scouts, piano lessons, soccer. They note that “living in the South has certainly lent perspective to the ‘War of Northern Aggression.'”… With his new job as director of personnel with Schlumberger Automated Test Equipment,Scott Keenen, Belinda, and the kids moved from Houston to San Jose, Calif. They enjoy California living, but “our favorite place to live remains, Dubai, United Arab Emirates” where they lives 1993-95…. Some catch-up news from Linda Kutrubes is that she married Joseph Haspel in 1987 and earned her master’s from NYU. In 1996 she earned her D.V.M. from the Univ. of Pennsylvania. Linda owns her own veterinary practice specializing in large animals, and lives on a 60-acre horse farm with two dogs, eight cats, eight horses. She is an active competitor in dressage…. For 10 years Peter Langworthy has worked at an environmental engineering company, Liesch Associates Inc., in Plymouth, Minn. Most of his recent work has involved storm water management issues at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, a client of Liesch. “While I don’t have much opportunity to apply the Hegelian dialectic in this work, it is extremely interesting and often rewarding.”… Anne Loewenthal Shain is in constant motion, happily as mommy to Brian (7) and Kevin (5), while dad handles the roughhousing. Among them they play soccer and coach tennis, swimming, baseball, and biking and the boys play piano. Anne is in a tennis class and does some community work also…. Sue Lovett Lumia says “hello” to everyone. She keeps in touch with Bates classmates Betsy Kennedy, Bob Gilroy, Mindy Hanssen ’80, and Felicia Garant ’82…. “Life with twins (now about 3) is a truly unique experience,” says Minoo Malek Saghri. She returned to part-time work at Hyperion Solutions in 1997, managing Advance Technology Group. After seven years in Calif., they moved back to the East Coast in 1994….. Don Mayer still teaches English, runs, and enjoys life…. Marycarol McNeill moved into a new house in Westwood, Mass., and has bought a condo in Hilton Head, S.C., as a getaway spot. Her new assignment at IBM is supporting WW Industry Solutions where “the pace has been hectic, but I have enjoyed going global.”… Spyro Mitrokostas has joined Prudential Securities as a licensed securities broker…. At a Bates poetry reading last March, Jean Monahan read from her books, Hands and Believe It or Not. “Jean Monahan’s Hands surprises the reader at every turn. These are poems of brilliant physicality in description, dramatic and often objective,” wrote poet Donald Hall, Litt.D. ’91, who awarded Jean the 1991 Anhinga Prize. She has won the Writer’s Voice of the West Side YMCA’s Open Voice Award, the John Williams Andrews Narrative Poetry Contest, and also was runner-up in the 1991 National Poetry competition…. Mary-Ellen Murphy Desjardin works in management at a software company that specializes in Internet financial development, a subsidiary of MetLife/NE Financial. She works with Nancy Beckwith ’82. “Life is hectic, but lots of fun” for Molly, Steve, and their three children…. Joann and Logan Page and their three children live outside Louisville, Ky. All are very happy and busy doing what one does with a 7-year-old and two 5-year-olds….Kathleen Stien Kastrinelis won a seat on the Groveland (Mass.) Board of Selectmen for a three-year term. Also a full-time mom, she’s involved with soccer and hockey schedules of Jacquelyn, Michael, and Andrew, and plays competitively on a women’s tennis team. Husband Michael ’82 is a 737 captain for US Airways…. Rick Sullivan is in his third term as mayor of Westfield, Mass. He has been president of the Massachusetts Mayors Assn. and a member of the Governor’s Local Advisory Committee. Their three children, 10, 8 and 6, are growing up fast…. Suzanne Thomas Abrams went back to work when daughter Abby was 5 months old. “Life is very full and wonderful. I’m finding we balance things fairly well most of the time.”… Rick and Jean Joyce Thompson ’82 still live in Seattle, Wash. He reports that the latest Batesie to arrive out there was Dick Brooks ’80…. Still living in Marblehead, Mass., Lynda Wallace Merullo was on maternity leave from her job at Bell Atlantic for birth of son Tyler…. Cindy Woll Nugent works part time as a software engineer and enjoys being at home the rest of the time to take care of son Wesley Peter…. Amanda Zuretti writes, “At long last, I’m proud to announce that in May 1998 I graduated from the Northeastern Univ. School of Law and passed the state bar. After accepting a job with the municipal law firm of Kopelman &;Paige in Boston, I spent 10 days bicycling the Murtia in the foothills of southern Italy with my partner.
82 Co-Class Secretaries: Thomas and Lori Norman Campbell, 22 Jackson St., Portland, ME 04103-2206 e-mailtom_campbell@mailbox.wayn.pvt.k12.me.us

Class President: Richard R. Regan, Hart and Regan, 37 Court St., Bath, ME 04530 e-mail hartregan@ime.net

Next Reunion in 2003. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu Performance artist Joe Drayton walked across the county last year with fellow artist Paul Callens and others. The walkers, who called their trip a “Unity Walk,” spent time trying to encourage awareness of a national Unity Day, “an Earth Day for humanity,” to be observed each October (www.unityday.org). Joe is the founder of Ajax Moving Co., a dance company, and Joe’s Moving Emporium, a nonprofit studio near Washington D.C…. Christopher Jennings was chosen 1999 State Tourism Director in Missouri. He received the honor from the Division of Tourism at the National Council’s Educational Seminar for Tourism Organizations last July and was selected for the improvement made in the state’s travel and tourism project. Chris is particularly proud of marketing efforts “targeting cultural travelers and ethnic travelers, specifically African Americans and Hispanics,” and “repositioning the state’s image to take advantage of our natural beauty and river heritage.”
83 Class Secretary: Leigh Peltier, 272 Shady Valley Rd., Coventry, R.I. 02816 e-mail leigh@loa.comClass President: Mary E. Couillard, 65 Salem Rd., Billerica, MA 01821

Next Reunion in 2003. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu In West Newbury, Mass., David Walshis self employed as president of The Organic Lawn Co. Wife Jean is a grant writer for Project Adventure in Hamilton.
84 Co-Class Secretaries: Lisa Quintal Loeb, 333 Christian St., Wallingford, CT 06492 e-mail dloeb@choate.edu; Linda Webster, Montgomery Ct. Apts, 214 Price Ave., Narberth, PA 19072 e-mail linda.webster@smed.com

Class President: Charles J. Richardson Jr., 894 W. Neck Rd., Nobleboro, ME 04555-0169 cjr@lincoln.midcoast.com

Next Reunion in 2003. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu John Houde is an orthopedic surgeon with the WAF at Longley Air Force Base, Va. A graduate of Dartmouth Medical School, he completed residency at UMass Medical Center in 1998. He lives in Newport News withJennifer (Rybeck ’86) and daughters Nell and Georgia.
85 Class Secretary: Iben Ostergaard Jensen Eld, 150 Hunters Ridge Rd., Concord, MA 01742-4763

Class President: Colleen J. Quint, 26 Hadfield Rd., Minot, ME 04258 e-mail cquint@bates.edu

Next Reunion in 2001. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu Mark Rees(Mark.Rees@SmithDuggan.com) writes: “Just returned to Boston after a year in New York spent studying international law for the LL.M. degree at Columbia. Am a partner at Smith &;Duggan LLP, coordinating the firm’s new international practice with a focus on international litigation and arbitration, and international trade.”
86 Class Secretary: Catherine Lathrop Strahan, 57 Lawton Ave., Hartsdale, NY 10530 strahans@aol.com

Class President: Christopher J. Poulin, 66 Boxwood Cir., Milford, NH 03055-3000 e-mail cjpoulin@dmb.comNext Reunion in 2001. Got news? Tap out a note to magazine@bates.edu! Attorney Denise Barton Michaelidesis in the litigation department of Schrenck Morris in Las Vegas, where she has worked since February 1995. She and Thom were married in Baltimore with Bates friends present, including classmates Lisa Petrini Bell, Maria McCann Ghazal, Diane Murphy and Staci Warden ’87. Roommate Betsy Klebanoff Hills was with husband John in his native Australia so missed the big day…. In Chicago, Cathy Bernier-Garzonis the lead teacher and dual-language coordinator at Chavez Multicultural Academic Center. It is her first year out of the classroom and she misses the first-graders…. For the past 10 years John J. Boyle III has been a partner at Fallo, Hines &;O’Connor, a commercial real estate advisory firm based in Boston and owned by Trammell Crow Co. of Dallas. Wife Mary is a painter and professor of art at Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, Mass…. Pamela Brown(Pamela_Brown@postoffice.brown.edu) is a clinical psychologist with an active private practice and has been an assistant professor at Brown for five years. She recently signed a book contract with the American Psychological Corp. on the topic of post-traumatic stress disorder and substance use. She and husband Anthony Savastano ’83 bought an 1883 Queen Anne Victorian for their businesses and have been busy with its historic renovation…. Krista and Bill Burleigh still enjoy their new dude ranch business now in its third guest season. They saw Bates friends at Andrew Ichimura’s wedding and Bill also attended the wedding of Jim Oates and Jennifer Goodwin…. At Harvard Medical School, Bill Carlezon is an assistant professor of psychiatry. In his own lab at McLean Hospital in Belmont he studies the effects of addictive drugs on the molecular and genetic structure of the brain…. Kristen Carlson Garnett says it’s always a treat when she and Jeff get together with the Paganos, Strahans, Gannons, and Plunketts. John Howard loves to visit. He feeds the kids Dunkin’ Munchkins, gets them all hyper, then heads back home amused…. Lee and Barbara Carson McInnis have accepted jobs with the U.S. Department of Defense in England. They moved to Yorkshire in November 1988 and say, “It’s great to be living in the country again after so many years in the Washington suburbs.” Barb found a new home in a wonderful converted mill at the estate of Ripley Castle on the banks of the Nidd River. They will be there for three to five years so there will be plenty of time to see everything…. Garry andElaine Coombs Holmes moved down the street to a new house they built in March 1998. Garry is doing well in his real estate business and enjoys the town hockey league he joined. When she is not occupied with their three daughters, Elaine teaches one course for one semester a year at Assumption College just to keep her mind active…. John Eddy has been at Cigna for 10 years, currently as assistant director of sales &;marketing systems in Cigna Healthcare. The Eddys’ children and the twin sons of Linda and Tom Shugrue ’85attend first grade together and are fast friends…. Last spring, the Rev. Reginald Floyd secured a $700,000 grant for his church, Allen AME Church in Atlantic City, N.J. The grant, from Mirage Resorts Inc. Atlantic City Endowment, will help the church build an 18-hour day-care, senior-citizen programs, and a community center for Floyd’s 300-member congregation and neighborhood residents. “As a pastor, I have a calling not just to serve the church, but also to serve the community,” he told a local newspaper. “We’re not just a Sunday type of organization. There are six other days in the week.” Reggie is also an attorney in the law firm of Youngblood Corcoran of Pleasantville, N.J. …. An associate at Pillsbury Madison &;Sutro LLP in downtown Los Angeles, Peter Gluckprosecuted his 152nd patent case. Wife Jill is an environmental law associate at Sedgwick, Detert, Moran &;Arnold…. Don Green is on the staff of U.S. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) at the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, a part of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee. Don helps draft and pass legislation through the Senate that is developed by their subcommittee. He keeps in touch with classmates Michael Meehan, who works for the Senate Democratic leader, with John Lobley who works in New York City and Russ London who lives near Hartford, Conn…. Jonathan Green still works for Sunrise Preschools and still is “being slothful in graduate school.” He is in regular touch with Darrell Williams. Wife Melissa continues as a music therapist at Arizona State Hospital…. Pam Guay Terhune took maternity leave from Dartmouth Medical School last March, now enjoying both sons with Jon ’88, who maintains a busy dentistry practice….Sheldon and Kathy Gundlach Austin have a great apartment in West Roxbury, Mass., manageable commutes to work and easy access to Boston. At their wedding, Cathy Kiley played a processional on the viola, and other Batesies in attendance included Joanna Skilogianis and husband Doug, Laurette Cousineau Withers, Jim and Jennifer Goodwin Oates…. John Harris hopes everyone is happy and healthy!… Jan Henderson is back in Boston from Seattle and works as a planner at MASCO in the Longwood Medical and Academic area. She enjoys the job in which she focuses on open space – trees and pocket parks, disaster planning for the hospitals, as well as long-range planning for the area. Chris Flanagan and Kristin Krause live nearby…. When Lisa Kelley Finneral’sfather moved his company to Portsmouth, N.H., she and Gary were able to move back there. She still works for her father and runs the operation. They bought an older house outside of town within walking distance of just about everywhere. She keeps in touch with Brad Hobbs and talks regularly to Martha Gelbein Woodard, Diane Meahl Ryan, and Julie Derry Glauninger…. At Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Beth Landry Ostaszewski is in her 10th year of researching Alzheimer’s disease at the Center for Neurologic Diseases. Husband Lee continues to write a weekly humor column that runs in Metrowest Daily News and The Foxboro Reporter. He writes at home, negotiates disagreements between sons Kevin and Christopher, then does part-time word processing three afternoons…. Living in Seattle, James Lapan works professionally in the region as an actor, director, and teacher. He earned an M.F.A in drama from the Univ. of Washington in 1989…. Christine Larsen Giragosian now lives in Chelmsford, Mass., where husband Rick is pastor of the Central Congregational Church. She is a busy mom and step-mom and keeps in touch with classmate James Tarbox, Dave ’83 and Brenda Bullock Gothers ’85, and Kristin Perry ’88.… Mark Leahey was promoted to rank of major in the New Hampshire National Guard after two successful firing-battery commands. He still is a sales rep for Pfizer Inc. in Maine and New Hampshire. Michele (Wygant) ’85 keeps on the move taking care of daughters Megan and Kaitlyn…. By now class secretary Cathy Lathrop Strahan and family have moved to Wilton, Conn. They loved their old home in Westchester County in spite of the tribulations that go with “old” – squirrels in the attic and temperamental plumbing – but they anticipate better homestea
ding in New England…. In St. Petersburg, Fla., Allen Loyd has his own business running special events and working as a designer. He also is the artistic director of the city’s First Night, an alcohol-free New Year’s Eve Celebration of the Arts that has produced a wide spectrum of visual and performing arts in 24 venues for the night. Allen also is co-producer of the Times Festival of Reading, one of the largest book and reading festivals in Florida. He recently finished as festival coordinator for Discover Native America at Eckerd College and currently works for a local aquarium designing an exhibit about a nearby wildlife preserve…. Jim Martel is still getting settled in his house, doing lots of home repair projects, and teaching daughters how to ski at a local area. On occasional summer visits to see his family in the Lewiston-Auburn area, he also gets to see Bates facilities…. New mom Sue Megroz Rosenzweig has resigned her anchor-reporter position with News 12 in New York to be home with New Year’s baby Emma. She hopes to use the time to try her hand at print, submitting articles to newspapers and magazines…. Through his organization, The Institute for Higher Education Policy, Jamie Merisotis’ work continues to grow and prosper. He enjoys dealing with the complex issues in the higher education “industry”: paying for college, student access and diversity, and the growing use of technology. In addition to various meetings and speeches across the country, he has extended global outreach with travel inluding Paris and South Africa. Jamie stays connected to Bates as president of the Alumni Council…. Jeffrey Miller has completed his degree in architecture. Work at Dan Peter Kopple &;Associates continues to be plentiful. Current design projects include airport terminals in Philadelphia and Quad Cities, several federal courthouses, restoration of Central Synagogue in New York City and St. John the Baptist in Savannah, and an urban design master plan for air-rights development along the river railroads in Philadelphia. Eileen (“Rudy”) is a senior designer at the Franklin Mint and is home two days a week to be with son Ben…. Katie Murphy lives in Oakland and works in San Francisco at a huge law firm where they pay her lots of money for a 37.5-hour week with four weeks of vacation. She explores the Bay Area and Lake Tahoe, hikes, bikes, and goes canoeing…. Rob Naylor continues to teach English and American literature in 10th and 11th grades, coaches swimming, and is dorm parent at Perkiomen School in Pennsburg, Pa. He and Robin’s New Year’s daughter was first baby of the year at Chester County Hospital…. Todd O’Brienhas been living in West Enfield for two years. His podiatry practice in Maine is growing, and he keeps busy with their new house and son Justin. Peter Gluck, with his patent expertise, helps Todd….. We send our love and sympathy toDave and Kaja Beenhouwer Reynolds ’88 on the death of their infant daughter, Sasha Grace, on January 10, 1999….Frank Richter works for a software company. He and wife Barbara have been working on an old farm house in Surry, N.H., a village of 600 people. Frank serves on the town’s conservation commission and the local planning board. He also has been having lots of fun with community theater….Ann Rittenburg loves her part-time work as a research associate in the Department of Child Development at Tufts. She and husband Anthony Biette own a two-family house across from the campus and rent to Tufts students. Their children attend the preschool and she is a parent education coordinator at the school…. Benjamin Robinson works the international public policy scene as a lobbyist for MasterCard International. Jeff Price ’87 also works at MasterCard in U.S. Sponsorships. Ben earned his Ph.D. in public policy at the Union Graduate School last April. He is also assigned to a Navy SEAL team as the public affairs officer, training that is very useful in the academic environment…. At the Wellesley College Center for Research on Women, Erica Seifert Plunkett works for the National Institute on Out-Of-School Time (NIOST), where she has been promoted to membership director of the Mass. School-Age Coalition. She also is a research assistant at NIOST. Husband Conor is prepress director for the Community Newspaper Co…. Steve Silverman still manages his family’s motel and converence center, Captain’s Quarters. Busy at work and with their children, they also built a new home on the Cape. Steve keeps in touch with Clif Hicks who is doing well in San Francisco….Scott and Sarah McNight Steinberg ’96 have built a home in Falmouth on Casco Bay. In August, Scott resigned as director of alumni relations to become director of admissions operations at Bowdoin! He looks forward to remaining engaged as a civilian member of the Alumni Assn….In a job change, James Tarbox has switched from teaching to administration as associate director of career services at the Univ. of San Diego, where he sees a different side of college life. Still active as a board member of ASTD/San Diego, he also is much more involved in cross-border issues with Mexico…. Bill Walsh is one of the Washington, D.C., correspondents for The New Orleans Times-Picayune. Last year he wrote about little else than impeachment. He and wife Claudia own a house in Alexandria,Va…. While still practicing law, Julia Wiellette earned her teaching certificate in English. In September 1996 she quit her law job, did her student teaching in seventh grade, went back to a law firm for nine months, and in 1997 began teaching high school English at Avon High School She teaches ninth-grade honors English and an eleventh-grade special ed class. Julia and partner Sher bought a seven-room colonial house in West Hartford and love home ownership. Sher has a vegetable garden and Julia planted 107 bulbs. She keeps in touch with Amber Tatnall ’85, classmates Julie Foster and Tracy Zordan Nudo, who is certified to teach in Canada…. Jeff and Julie Wilkinson Thomas moved into a new house in 1998. Jeff painted, wired, and installed hardwood floors, and they even put the stone facing on the two-story fireplace. When son Jordan was 6 months old, Julie went back to teach high school French and Spanish part time…. Another classmate in Seattle, Andrew Williams, works for Safeco Insurance, handling some major personal injury claims…. After 3.5 years with the Columbia Capital Group, a Wasington, D.C.-based commercial finance company, Darrell Williams has developed a start-up for-profit technology business, the Washington Emerging Technologies Center (WETC), which will focus on small tech business formation, provide business services, business plan development, and strategic planning to D.C.-based entrepreneurs…. Sharon Williams has worked for a managed behavioral healthcare company for over two years. It is her first foray into the corporate sector; the atmosphere is much different from the non-profit world, but she finds ways to lend a more human touch to the job. She takes calls from people in crisis and connects them to the proper mental-health facilities for immediate help. In time away from work she has skied in Colorado and Utah, gone scuba diving on Bonaire Island among the amazing coral reefs, and hiked through Virginia and Maryland parks with her black Lab, Skyler. Sharon and Massachusetts transplant Jim Kane share a house in Arlington…. Now in his fourth year at Orvis, Brad Wolanskyis divisional merchandise manager of gift and home products. Managing a group of eight product development and inventory people, Brad has traveled to Shanghai, Singa
pore, and Hong Kong on buying trips. He and wife Christa live on the green in Dorset, Vt., with their two daughters. She is a sales rep for Bristol-Myers Squibb…. Terri and Ken Woodard enjoy their teaching jobs and are buying a house in Kensington, an old and relatively affordable Maryland suburb of D.C. Ken continues to pursue his interest in studio art and ceramics at nearby Glen Echo Park.
87 Class Secretary: James J. Kircaldie, 64 Vineyard Rd., North Haven, CT 06473Class President: Paula M. Colahan, 14 Bayberry Ln., Beverly, MA 01915 e-mail pcolahan@genzyme.comNext Reunion in 2001. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu Todd Holbrook, an attorney with the Maine law firm of Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer &;Nelson, has written a chapter in Scientific Evidence and Experts Handbook, an up-to-date reference guide for lawyers in complex litigation matters.His chapter covers pretrial preparation in scientific evidence cases, including strategies for filing motions, preparing exhibits, and evaluating opposing scientific expert testimony.
88 Class Secretary: Mary Capaldi Carr, 5778 First Landing Way, Burke, VA 22015 e-mail macapcar@aol.comClass President: Darius Shahinfar, 1 Parkwood St., Apt. 1, Albany, NY 12208 e-mail dondarius@mailexcite.com

Next Reunion in 2001. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu
89 Co-Class Secretaries: Donna W. Douglass, 4 Serena St., Lisbon, ME 04250; Pamela K. Gonzalez, 43 Lincoln St., Apt 1, Needham, MA 02192

Class President: Elizabeth D. Katz, 15 Tiffany Rd., Apt. 12, Salem, NH 03079-3671Next Reunion in 2004. Got news? Tap out a note tomagazine@bates.edu Susan Stich has a new job as physical therapist at UCLA Medical Center. She earned her P.T. in 1998 at Massachusetts General Institute of Health Professions. Husband Jose Royo is chief technology officer at E-Sport in Los Angeles…. At Curtis High School on Staten Island,Cadence Turner has been teaching English and journalism and is the faculty advisor for the school’s newspaper, Curtis Log, and the award-winning yearbook, Crosswinds. Curtis principal calls Cadence “creative, innovative, a great role model. She encourages kids to work hard, and the kids want to work for her. That’s a powerful combination.” Her husband, David Garvin, teaches ESL at Curtis.