Players to Watch

Batesies in presidential politics

“She doesn’t like titles,” says the Democracy in Action Web site. Very Bates, say us.

Titled or not, longtime Howard Dean aide Kate O’Connor ’86 is in the thick of the Dean Campaign.

Kate O'Connor '86 tracks candidate Dean in Boston

“By her estimate…[she has] seen or talked to Dean almost every day since she came to work for him 14 years ago,” says the Washington Post O’Connor, adds , a Web site unofficially aligned with the campaign, is Dean’s “seemingly silent but explosively effective” campaign trailer.

Also with Dean for America is Tamara Pogue ’99, the campaign’s national field director.

On the GOP side, Jim Tobin ’83 chairs the New England campaign for Bush Cheney 2004, while Randy Bumps, ’95 is a executive director of Bush Cheney 2004 in Maine.