Producers of Knowledge


Research in neuroscience is the principle way of making new discoveries that contribute to our understanding of basic science and its application to the human condition. As a high-impact learning practice, undergraduate research is a critical piece of the Bates education. Through the research process, our majors learn not only key disciplinary skills in information literacy, research design, data analysis, and communication, but also develop professionally by joining a community of scholars, deepening relationships with mentors, and clarifying a career path. With a shift from consuming knowledge to producing knowledge comes self-confidence, independence of work and thought, and readiness for life after Bates. At Bates, faculty and students work side-by-side in this discovery process, using research methodologies as diverse as the research questions at hand. Beginning with class-based labs, extending to summer research opportunities, and culminating with a senior capstone experience, you can look forward to mastering several research techniques.