Research Grants

 “It’s the nature of a Bates student to be doing things that he or she is passionate about and to be overcommitted — in a good way,” she says. “People are really involved with things. I think Bates is a very happy place and that has influenced my experiences here.”  

Olivia Norrmen-Smith ’13, neuroscience major and Watson Fellowship recipient to study perceptions of stroke in Morocco, Madagascar, and Cambodia


As part of its commitment to student involvement in vigorous, cutting-edge research, Bates offers competitive financial awards to support student inquiry.

Academic Year Research Grants

While the Neuroscience Program has internal funds to support student thesis and independent study, majors may apply for additional funds to assist with highly complex projects and/or travel to scientific conferences.

Summer Research Grants

Bates is proud to offer several grant mechanisms to support students engaged in faculty-sponsored research over the summer months.

External Research Grants

Neuroscience majors can also apply for competitive, external funds to support their research and/or travel to conferences.

Graduate Fellowships

Neuroscience majors are well prepared for post-baccalaureatework, with prestigious awards available to ambitious students and alums to support graduate study.