Bates Democrat events examine Iraq war, U.S. military policy

As Bates College gets its five-week spring Short Term into gear, the Bates Democrats sponsor three events examining the war in Iraq and American military policy. The events are open to the public at no charge.

Titled “A Short Term of Thought on U.S. Foreign Policy,” the series opens with filmmaker Walter Miale at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 3, in Chase Hall Lounge, 56 Campus Ave. Miale will introduce, screen and discuss short films from his recent documentary compilation, Deadly Mistakes?, which offers historical background on the Iraq war and the U.S. war on terror.

Miale will also screen a preview of his new work in progress, Why Do They Hate Us?, a film about what must be done to avert the next terrorist attack on the United States.

The event is cosponsored by the sociology department, the college Office of Student Activities and the Bates Student Government.

At 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 9, in the Edmund S. Muskie Archives, 70 Campus Ave., filmmaker Eugene Jarecki presents his documentary Why We Fight, followed by a lecture and question-and-answer period. The film, which Variety magazine called “a thoroughgoing and affecting film on the nature and causes of the American military-industrial complex,” won the 2005 Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

The event is cosponsored by the departments of history, sociology and political science, and the Office of Student Activities.

On Tuesday, May 16, the Bates Democrats host a roundtable discussion of the Iraq war, with panelists including Bates students and professors. The specific panelists, time and location have yet to be determined.

For more information about these events, please call 201-739-4489.

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